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The following syllabi (from the late 1980s to Spring 2000) have all been taught in actual classes. They address a variety of pedagogical and scholarly needs. Syllabi are listed as viewable pages, posted on this site, or as downloadable pdf files that you may download to your computer for future perusal. Please click on your choice below. Syllabus related materials are also available; references to available related materials follow each syllabus.

We welcome submissions of new syllabi and suggestions for additional categories!

Comparative Literature Studies - Cross-cultural Studies - Cultural Studies - Diasporic Literature - Film/Non-print Media - Gender - Genre - Geographical Region - Interdisciplinary - Languages and Linguistics - Literary Theory - Literary History - Myth and Archetypes - Nations and Regions - Oral Tradition and Folklore - Pedagogy - Period - Queer Studies - Themes - Theory - Translation Studies - World Literature

Professor Sarah N. Lawall
South College 315
Department of Comparative Literature
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003

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