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Amherst Center Cultural District

The Office of External Relations is a proud member of the recently launched Amherst Center Cultural District. The district, which overlays a majority of the Amherst Business Improvement District, includes many local cultural treasures, including the Emily Dickinson Museum, Amherst History Museum, Amherst Cinema, and the Jones Library. The cultural district designation was made in a May vote by the board of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Amherst is one of 34-state designated cultural districts.

The designation allows Amherst access to state resources, including statewide and national marketing opportunities, programs for developing cultural economic development strategies, and cultural facilities planning and construction.


A Mid-Semester Update!

Blogs are supposed to be updated. Frequently. If you're keeping score at home, we've been a bit behind. We're going to catch up. Promise.

We're nearly mid-semester here on campus and it's been a busy stretch here the Office of External Relations. Here are some updates:

Serious Fun and Games

While most of my work is on the serious side, involving meetings with the local community and with students and neighbors, sometimes it can be fun and games. Recently, I teamed up with representatives from Amherst Police, UMass Police and the Dean of Students to take on the SGA "Grit 'n Wit" event, a fundraiser for the Student Veteran Resource Center.  We had a great day for the race with dozens of teams, and even if our team's time did not put us on the podium, it was definitely a win for the SVRC!