Communication majors are eligible for a range of scholarships

Communication majors are encouraged to apply for scholarships that are offered by the College of Social and Behavioral Science and by the University, as well as outside the University, to support their studies, internships, and study abroad experiences. Some scholarships consider mainly academic merit, while others consider a variety of factors, including but not limited to financial need and the application essay.

SBS Scholarships

The College of Social and Behavioral Science lists a number of scholarships that Communication majors can apply for. The following scholarships are geared specifically towards Communication majors:

Scott J. Bacherman Fund (both an academic award and an internship award)

Connor Internship Award.

Communication majors have also been successful across the SBS awards listed, including:

Social and Behavioral Science Study Abroad Scholarship

Social and Behavioral Sciences Internship Award.

University Scholarships 

The University provides information about the university-wide scholarships, as well as resources for researching scholarships beyond the campus.

The Alumni Association funds a number of scholarships that Communication majors can apply to.

The International Programs Office maintains a list of university-wide scholarships for studying abroad.

The Commonwealth Honors College also provides information about scholarships for both incoming and current students enrolled in the Honors College.