The Peer Advisors

Staffed by welcoming and well-trained peer advisors, the Communication Undergraduate Advising Office in 411 Machmer is your first stop for most routine advising questions. They work on a drop-in basis M-Th 10-4:30 and F 10-12:30, so you can always find an advisor--no appointment necessary.

The peer advisors can help you with ...

  • Information about the Communication major
  • Course planning and registration
  • Applying to the major
  • Questions about major requirements and how these fit with Global Ed and Gen Ed requirements
  • Opportunities for Comm majors, such as internships, study abroad, and independent study
  • Getting involved with the Comm Department

You can email the advisors with questions at

For important information and tips on getting the most out of your experience in the Communication major, check the peer advisor's blog each week for new articles at

Click the Peer Advising Program button above left for information.

Your Faculty Advisor

Each Communication major is assigned a faculty advisor. Download contact info and hours.

Graduate Student office hours can be seen here.

Your faculty advisor can help you with ...

  • Course planning
  • Questions about major requirements
  • Checking your progress toward graduation
  • Opportunities outside the curriculum—internships, independent studies, etc.
  • Sponsoring internships
  • Careers and graduate study in Communication

The Transfer and Prospective Student Advisor

If you've taken a Communication class elsewhere, or if you'd like to, you can see Professor Marty Norden, the Transfer and Prospective Student Advisor, to request permission to count it toward your major requirements. To make an appointment, contact department receptionist Susan Dreyer in Machmer 405, 413-545-1311.

The Transfer and Prospective Student Advisor can help you with ...

  • Reviewing transfer courses from other colleges or universities for potential credit toward major requirements
  • Prior approval to take Communication courses elsewhere to fulfill major requirements
  • Follow-up questions about becoming a Communication major or about the application process (you must see a peer advisor in 411 Machmer before scheduling an appointment)

The Chief Undergraduate Advisor and the Director

The Chief Undergraduate Advisor and the Undergraduate Program Director do not see students for routine academic planning and course selection (see your faculty advisor or a peer advisor for that). However:

Professor Emily West, Undergraduate Program Director, can help you with ...

  • Questions about Study Abroad
  • Questions about Domestic Exchange

Professor Lynn Phillips, Chief Undergraduate Advisor, can help you with ...

  • Issues related to probation or academic warning
  • Advisor or credit alert holds
  • Questions about the Peer Advisor Program

To make an appointment with Professor Phillips or Professor West, contact department receptionist Susan Dreyer in Machmer 405, 413-545-1311.