Connect with faculty and peers, and you’ll thrive

The department’s advising system offers Communication majors, and those interested in the major, the comprehensive information and support they need to meet their academic goals. Research indicates that connections with faculty and peers in their major help students to thrive, so our program incorporates both academic advising and community-building events—and gives you a home base from which to navigate your studies.

Lots of ways to get support and information

To make sure your particular needs are met, we have plenty of advising options:

Who to see for ... 

An at-a-glance guide to who helps with what.


Get in touch with your faculty advisor—every Comm major has one—the Chief Undergraduate Advisor, or the Undergraduate Program Director.

Peer Advising Program

Fellow students who know the ropes are trained and waiting to help you. All first-year students are assigned a peer advisor.

Workshops and information sessions

Open to all.


An index of campus resources outside the department.