Michael Morgan

S330 Integrative Learning Center
Spring 2016 office hours: W 9:30-11:00 & by appt.
413 545-1311 (leave message)

My research focuses on media effects in general and cultivation analysis in particular, in terms of the contribution of television to audience conceptions of social reality. Based primarily on the analysis of large-scale survey data, specific areas examined include violence, sex-roles, aging, health, science, the family, the environment, political orientations, and other issues. I have extended this research to a variety of international and intercultural contexts, most extensively in Argentina. These various strands are connected by a concern about the implications of media for cultural diversity, identity, and democratic principles and practices. I am also interested in new (and "old") media technology and social policy, and the role of media in the family.


PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate: Media Programming and Institutions, Introduction to Mass Communication Research, Media and The Family. Graduate: Quantitative Research Methods, Cultivation Analysis, Media Effects


George Gerbner: A Critical Introduction to Media and Communication Theory.  New York: Peter Lang Publishers, 2012.

Living with Television Now:  Advances in Cultivation Theory and Research. New York: Peter Lang Publishers, 2012 (co-edited with James Shanahan and Nancy Signorielli).

"The State of Cultivation," Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. (co-authored with James Shanahan). June 2010.

Television and its Viewers: Cultivation Theory and Research.  London: Cambridge University Press, 1999 (co-authored with James Shanahan).  

"Cultivation Analysis and Media Effects,"  in R. Nabi & M. Oliver (eds.)  The SAGE Handbook of Media Processes and Effects.  Sage Publications, 2009.

"Television and 'Family Values': Was Dan Quayle Right?"  Mass Communication and Society, 2(1), 1999 (co-authored with Susan Leggett and James Shanahan).

"Television and the Erosion of Regional Diversity," Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 30(2),1986.

Democracy Tango: Television, Adolescents, and Authoritarian Tensions in Argentina.  Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 1995 (co-authored with James Shanahan). 

Current Projects: 

Current and future work includes an extended meta-analyis of cultivation research, analysis of 30-year trends in the cultivation of gender role images, longitudinal cultivation analysis, and studies of the role of television in cultural homogenzation in the digital age.