Martha Fuentes-Bautista

Martha Fuentes-Bautista

Assistant Professor

308 Machmer Hall

(413) 545-3455


My research focuses on social stratification of information and communication infrastructure, and the role of public policy and civil society actors (non-profits and social movements) in digital inclusion efforts in the U.S. and Latin America. Current areas of interest include media technologies and social inequality; new media and social change; citizen and community media policy; social movements and new media; evaluation research.


PhD, University of Texas Austin


Courses Taught:

Undergraduate: New Media Technologies and Social Change; Convergent Media for Social and Political Mobilization. Graduate: Communication Policy; ICT and Social Inequalities; Communication Campaigns & Public Advocacy.


Fuentes-Bautista, M. & Inagaki, N. (2012) “Bridging the broadband gap or recreating digital inequalities? The social shaping of public Wi-Fi in Austin, TX”. In J. Straubhaar, J. Spence, Z. Tufekci and R. Lentz (Eds) Race, Class and the Digital Divide in Austin: The Persistence of Inequity in the Technopolis.Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.

Fuentes-Bautista, M. and Gil-Egui, Gisela (2011) Community Media and the Rearticulation of State–Civil Society Relations in Venezuela. Communication, Culture & Critique 4, 250–274

Fuentes-Bautista, M. (Accepted) “Redistributing the wealth of networks: Community media’s contributions to digital inclusion.” In Paul M.A. Baker, Jarice Hanson and Jeremy Hunsinger (Eds). The Unconnected: Social Justice, Participation and Engagement in the Information Society. Peter Lang Publishing, 30 pp

"Digital activism and the construction of networked citizenship.” (Under review) 

"Fuentes-Bautista, M. (2009, June). “Beyond television: The Digital Transition of Public Access.” SSRC Necessary Knowledge Program.

In preparation

Fuentes-Bautista, M. Collaborative governance and sustainability of broadband projects.

Fuentes-Bautista, M. Mapping "diversity of participation" in networked media environments.

Fuentes-Bautista, M.  A communication commons approach to digital inclusion: Community media and the digital transition

Fuentes-Bautista, M. Cyberpopulism in Venezuela: Exploring the limits of radical media democracy online.

Fuentes-Bautista, M. Populism, media reform movements and Internet governance in Latin America.


Faculty Research Grant/Healey Endowment Grant, UMASS Amherst (2010), $21,000, for "Examining impacts of Local Broadband Initiatives on Universal Service"

SSRC Necessary Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere Program (2008-2009). $7,500 for “Assessing Public Access in a changing Media Landscape: An evaluation of Public Access Community Television in Austin, Texas”.


Work in progress: "Examining impacts of Local Broadband Initiatives on Universal Service" is a project that critically examines the institutional dimension of public-private partnerships and collaborative governance in the sustainability of municipal broadband inititaives in underserved communities in Western Massachusetts. Theoretically, the project interrogates the boundaries of emerging commons in communication infrastructure, and the role of local, state and federal policy inititaives in addressing equity issues in the new broadband ecosystem. Current work also includes research on the relation between neo-populist movements, community and new media policy in Latin America.