Erica Scharrer

Erica Scharrer

Professor and Chair of Communication

401 Machmer Hall

(413) 545-6339


My research interests involve the study of media content, opinions of media, media effects, and media literacy, particularly regarding gender and violence. My work has appeared in Communication Research, Human Communication Research, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, and Media Psychology. I've co-authored three books with first author, George Comstock, including Media and the American Child (Elsevier, 2007) in which we provide a critical synthesis and review of the children and media literature. My edited collection Media Effects/Media Psychology (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013), part of the International Encyclopledia of Media Studies, provides a state-of-the-art review of the field. Particular emphases in my work include media depictions of masculinity, the third-person effect and other opinions about media influence, and the effectiveness of media literacy curricula.


PhD, Syracuse University


Courses Taught:

Undergraduate: Social Impact of Media; Children, Teens, and Media; Media Ethics; Media Violence. Graduate: Quantitative Methods; Media Literacy; Media Effects


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Current work includes an experiment examining responses to images of injury in news coverage of war, an analysis of gendered forms of aggression in reality television, and an assessment of young people's responses to a media literacy curriculum on gender and violence.