Claudio Moreira

Associate Professor
S328 Integrative Learning Center
Spring 2019 office hours: Wed 12:00-1:00, F 11:00-1:00 & by appt.
413 545-1311 (leave message)

From the intersection of race, gender, and class, to name a few, I write Performance Autoethnographies looking at words, knowledge, concepts, and actions, which expose differences and also shape, marked bodies into the world. From a present space created by a deep immersion in the past, I attempt to challenge the white man's ideology, trying to create a transformative action, a performative space, whose goal is to bring more justice and dignity to more people. My work can be found at Studies in Symbolic Interaction, International Review of Qualitative Research, Qualitative Inquiry, and Cultural Studies, Critical Methodologies. My book, co-authored with Marcelo Diversi, Betweener Talk: Decolonizing Knowledge Production, Pedagogy, and Praxis (Left Coast Press, 2009), is a postcolonial and polyvocal construction of a scholarship committed to combat racism, sexism, and classism in modern America society. This is what I want to do with my scholarship; to engage in other postcolonial/polyvocal projects with his students, colleagues in and with the community where I live and labor.


PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate: Introduction to Performance, Rhetoric, and Social Action; Democracy and Discourse; Sports, Culture, and Advertising; Performance Ethnography. Graduate: Performance Ethnography


Betweener Talk: Decolonizing Knowledge Production, Pedagogy, and Praxis. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coat Press. 2009. Co-Authored with Marcelo Diversi. Link:

Resisting (Resistance) Stories: A Tri-Autoethnographic Exploration of Father Narratives across Shades of Difference. Qualitative Inquiry: 18:2, 121-133. Co-authored with Bryant K. Alexander and Hari S. Kumar. Link: 

Missing Bodies: Troubling the Colonial Landscape of American Academia. Text and Performance Quarterly: 31:3, 229-248. Link: 

Life in So Many Acts. Qualitative Inquiry: 14:4, 590-612, 2008 Link:

Unspeakable Transgressions: Indigenous Epistemologies, Ethics and Decolonizing Academy/Inquiry.  Cultural Studies, Critical Methodologies: 9:5, 647-660, 2009.

This is home, or is it?  Disrupting grand narratives of 'home' as physical or institutional space. Cultural Studies, Critical Methodologies: 10:1, 78-83. Link:

When janitors dare to become scholars: A betweeners' view of the politics of knowledge production from decolonizing street-corners. International Review of Qualitative Research: 4:2, 457-474, 2010. Co-authored with Marcelo Diversi. Link:

Fragments. Qualitative Inquiry: 14:5, 663-683, 2008.

Current Projects: 

I am still obsessed with knowledge production and the exclusion of bodies in academic spaces. My current writing, in one way another, address these issues