Briankle Chang

Briankle G. Chang

Associate Professor

310 Machmer Hall

(413) 545-3742


My research interests include cultural studies, media theory and criticism, and philopsohy of communication.


PhD, University of Illinois-Urbana.

Courses Taught:

Undergraduate: Introduction to Semiotics and Comparative Communication Theory. Graduate: Seminar on Cultural Studies.


Deconstructing Communication: Subject, Representation, and Economies of Exchange.  University of Minnesota Press, 1996, pp. 280.  

Additional essays can be found in journals such as: International Philosophical. Quarterly/ British Journal of Aesthetics; Cultural Critique; Differences; History of Eurpoean Ideas; and others.


My current work focuses on determining how and to what extent discourses in critical cultural studies are themselves reflections of ideological determination and products of academic markets.