Benjamin Bailey

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Program Director
S326 Integrative Learning Center
Fall 2016 office hours: TuWTh 1:00-2:00
413 545-2522

My research focuses on language, culture, and social identities, particularly ethnicity and race. I am interested in negotiations of meaning and social identity in face-to-face interaction, particularly in intercultural contexts. My publications include Language, Race, and Negotiation of Identity: A Study of Dominican Americans and various articles and chapters on race, code switching, bilingualism, immigration, intercultural communication, names, and street remarks.
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PhD, University of California-Los Angeles

BA, Brown University

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate: Cultural Codes in Communication; Communication, Culture, and Social identities; Studying Everyday Talk. Graduate: Introduction to Theories and Concepts of Communication; Field Methods in Social Interaction; Language, Power, and Identity


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Current Projects: 

Current research ranges from the pragmatics of translation to Chinese Indonesian naming practices to the politics of language and identity more generally.