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Discourse Analyst at the Department of Communication
Associate Professor
N374 Integrative Learning Center
Spring 2018: on sabbatical
413 545-3682

My research interests are at the intersection of culture, social interaction, and the media. I study both media depictions of interaction and interaction in everyday life.  Most recently, I studied Israeli call-in radio and am now expanding my work to U.S. political talk radio, including the "notorious" Rush Limbaugh.  I am also interested in television (e.g., The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and other arenas of public participation, such as internet commentary and new call-in formats. 
I have a big corpus of transcribed and untranscribed interactions about politics, finances, personal topics and sports.

I am looking for graduate students who are interested in financial discourse, political discourse and sports and civic participation in the media in general. Additionally, I am looking for Israeli students who would like to study interactions in Hebrew.

My articles are available for downloading @ academia.edu
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