Need Help? Information for Communication Majors

Visit the Communication Undergraduate Advising Office (N323 ILC) for:

  • Applying to the Comm major
  • Course selection
  • Checking your progress toward graduation
  • General questions about the major

Peer advisors are available on a drop-in basis M-Th 11:00-4:30 and F 11:00-1:00, or email

See your faculty or professional advisor for:

  • Course planning
  • Checking your progress toward graduation
  • Advice about careers and graduate study
  • Opportunities beyond the curriculum

All Comm majors are assigned either a faculty or professional advisor. Check your SPIRE Student Center for your advisor's name and contact information. Students entering the Comm major as of May 2014 have a professional advisor--either Alesia Brennan or Allison Butler. Those who entered the major before May 2014 have either a professional advisor (Alesia Brennan or Allison Butler) or a faculty advisor. 

To make an appointment with a faculty advisor: email, call, or stop by during your advisor's office hours.  Faculty contact information and schedules for the current semester are available here.

See one of our professional advisors - Alesia Brennan or Allison Butler - for:

  • Approval of Comm transfer credits
  • Prior approval to take Comm courses at another college or university
  • Prior approval to count courses in another UMass department toward the Comm major
  • Approval of study abroad courses
  • Approval of domestic exchange courses
  • Approval of 5-College courses

Use Appointment Plus to schedule an appointment with a professional advisor:

  • Alesia Brennan, N325 ILC
  • Prof. Allison Butler, N327 ILC

Make an appointment with Prof. Lynn Phillips, Chief Undergraduate Advisor for:

  • Academic warning or probation holds
  • Dean's credit alert holds
  • Complex advising problems

To make an appointment with Prof. Phillips, please contact Sue Dreyer, N308 ILC,, 413 545-1311

Visit the SBS Advising Center for:

  • Declaring your Global Ed option
  • Questions related to the Global Ed requirement (including language classes)
  • Requesting late adds, late drops, late withdrawals, or late changes to pass/fail
  • Requesting to enroll in more than 18 credits in one semester
  • Petitions to enroll beyond the 10th semester
  • Reinstatement from probation or suspension
  • Complicated questions about Gen Ed requirements

128 Thompson, 413 577-1057