Recent Theses and Dissertations

Recent Theses and Dissertations

Full documents are available electronically through ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst or ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database.

Master's Theses


Lanthorn, Kylie. Vietnam without Guarantees: Consumer Attitudes in an Emergent Market Economy.

Marmon, Sarah. Social Reproduction in the New England Community College System: A Critical Cultural Studies Perspective.



O'Malley, Donica. Ginger Masculinities.

Shorey, Samantha. Fragmentary Girls: Selective Expression on the Tumblr Platform.

Stoddard, Carmella. Cultivating Color-blindness?: The Impact of TV-viewing, Racial Policy Reasoning, and Colorblind Racism on Opposition of Affirmative Action Policies.



Lawrence, Stephanie. The Effect of Colorblind Racial Ideology on Discussion of Racial Events: An Examination of Responses to the News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Shooting.

Mustain, Paige. Digital Capitalism Today: IT Industry-Led Public Private Partnerships in a Northeastern Public School.

Olson, Christine J. "I’m Going to Use My Voice": The Underrepresentation of Women in Digital Content Production.



Chew, Chang Hui.  Censored Kids and Piracy: An Examination of Film Censorship in Singapore.



Boudreau, Tyler.  Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the "War on Terror": A Narrative and Textual Analysis of the Army Field Manual 3-24.

Cassidy, Kathryn. Bringing the Frame into Focus: How Cable News Pundits Protect the Glass Ceiling.

Cerulli, Tovar.  Meat and Meanings: Adult-Onset Hunters' Cultural Discourses of the Hunt.

Soha, Michael.  Networked, Collaborative, and Activist News Communities Online: A Case Study of Reddit and Daily Kos.

Walsh, Kimberly R.  Bullying on Teen Television: Patterns Across Portrayals and Fan Forum Posts.

Zhang, Dan.  Linguistic and Cultural Contact Phenomena in a Mandarin Class in the U.S.



Kumar, Hari S.  Decolonizing Texts: A Performance Autoethnography.



Drew, Shara Dunn.  Vilification in Fox’s 24.

Hasan, Fadia.  Fair Trade Practices in Contemporary Bangladeshi Society: The Case of Aarong.

Pradhan, Jinni.  It’s My Passion, That’s My Mission to Decide, I’m Going Worldwide: The Cosmopolitanism of Global Fans of Japanese Popular Culture.

Yakupitiyage, Thanushka N.  Media and Immigration in Post 9/11 America.



Robb, Margo L.  Community Radio, Public Interest: The Low Power FM Service and 21st Century Media Policy.

Steblea, Jeffrey J.  Is She a Positive Female Role Model?: Perceptions of the Female Action Hero Among Teenage Girls.



Kang, Kyoung-Lae.  Novel Genres or Generic Novels: Considering Korean Movies Adapted from Amateur Internet Novels.



Boulton, Chris.  Trophy Children Don’t Smile: Fashion Advertisements For Designer Children’s Clothing In Cookie Magazine

Coryat, Diana M.  Constructing a Pedagogy of Critical Youth Media: A Case Study of Global Action Project.

Dilip, Meghana.  Rang de Basanti: Consumption, Citizenship, and the Public Sphere.

Lan, Qiao.  Immigrant Perceptions of Advertising amid Acculturation Levels, Stress and Motivation

Paradise, Phyllis.  Leadership Enactment in a Small Group: A Constitutive Communication Approach.

Siibi, Razvan.  “Romanianism” and “Romanianness”: Two frames of Romanian identity.

Wisneski, Kirsten.  Maximizing Masculinity: A Textual Analysis of Maxim Magazine.



Kostides, Joanne.  Press Coverage of the 2002 Biennial Review of Media Ownership Rules.



Bergstrom, Andrea M.  From Fantasy Dates to Elimination Ceremonies: A Content Analysis of Gender, Sex, and Romance on Reality Television.

Chelaru, Iris S.  Behind the Virtual Wall: Information Society Policy in Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine.

Weye, William H.  Audiences as Producers: Creating Brand Value in Cyberspace.

Zeng, Ya.  College Students’ Adoption of Instant Messaging, Online Shopping, and Music/Video Downloading.


Doctoral Dissertations


Berti, Silvina. Confessions in the Courtroom: An Audience Research on Court Shows.

Cerulli, Tovar. Of Wolves, Hunters, and Words: A Comparative Study of Cultural Discourses in the Western Great Lakes Region.

Correa, Ellen. Bootstrap Boricuas: A Family Performing and Exploring Cultural Assimilation.

Dorchak, Gregory. The Aurality of Rhetoric: A Hermeneutic Case Study of Cape Breton’s Rhetorical Music Community.

Ge, Xinmei. A Tale of "Ku" (Bitter) vs. "Tian" (Sweet): Understanding China’s "Yiku Sitian" Movement in the 1960s and 1970s from the Perspective of Cultural Discourse Analysis.

Kim, Changwook. Assembling Creative Cities in Seoul and Yokohama: Rebranding East Asian Urbanism.

McDowell, Zachary. Mashup Archeology: A Case in the Role of Digital Technology.

Shrikant, Natasha. “Race Talk” in Organizational Discourse: A Comparative Study Two Texas Chambers of Commerce.

Thibault, Rachel. Women, Convergent Film Criticism, and the Cinephilia of Feminist Interruptions.

Wemmer, Todd. Lost-and-Found Photos: Practices and Perception.



Baldwin, Bryan. Democratic Potential for Multiplicity of Public Spaces: A Context Analysis of Media-hosted Discussion Boards.

Hasan, Fadia. The Formation of Youth-Led Participatory Networks in Urban Bangladesh: A Case Study of The Bgreen Project.

Lankala, Srinivas R. The Semiosis of Civil Society: Theorizing the Media in Postcolonial Polities.

Sekarasih, Laras. Parents’ Television Viewing and the Cultivation of Materialism Among Families with Young Adult Offspring.

Shi, Lin. The Ambiguous Construction of Collective “Family” in the Age of Post-Collectivism China: Through the Lens of CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala.

Sotirova , Nadezhda M. “Of All, I Most Hate Bulgarians": Situating Oplakvane in Bulgarian Discourse as a Cultural Term for Communicative Practice.

Sul, Eunsook. “A Soulful Egg Breaks a Rock: A Case Study of a South Korean Social Movement Leader’s Rhetoric.



Brzenchek, Alison D. The Cable Network in an Era of Digital Media: Bravo and the Constraints of Consumer Citizenship.

Diaz-Hernandez, Anilyn. The Colonial Legacies of “Fiesta Island”: A Critical Study of Live-Music Events Production in Puerto Rico.

Ferrari, Matthew. Signs of Wildness: Codes of the "Primitive" in Masculine Commodity Culture.

Herakova, Liliana L. Flying with the Storks: Communication, Culture, and Dialoguing Knowledge(s) in Prenatal Care.

Jelaca, Dijana. The Genealogy of Dislocated Memory: Yugoslav Cinema After the Break.

Kent, Stephanie Jo. Interpreting.

Nuciforo, Elena. Cultural Discourse Analysis of Russian Alcohol Consumption.



Gu, Li.  Intellectual Constellations in the Postsocialist Era: Four Essays.

Ingram, Brett. Critical Rhetoric in the Age of Neuroscience.

Karimova, Liliya.  Muslim Tatar Women's Piety Stories: A Quest for Personal and Social Transformation in Tatarstan (Russia).

Lie, Sunny.  Beholders of the Truth, Predestined to Be Saved: The Communication of Chinese Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Christian (CIREC) Identity.

Ng, Eve.  Rebranding Gay: New Configurations of Digital Media and Commercial Culture.

Polk, Emily.  Transition Network: Exploring Intersections between Culture, the Climate, and a Digital Network in a Community-Led Global Social Movement.

Sarkar, Sreela.  Technology and Modernity at the Boundaries of Global Delhi.

Song, Shi.  New Media and ICT for Social Change and Development in China.

Stephens, Niall P.  Remember Where We Came From: Globalization and Environmental Discourse in the Araucania Region of Chile.



Boulton, Christopher.  Rebranding Diversity: Colorblind Racism Inside the U.S. Advertising Industry.

Greene, Viveca S.  Irony and Ideology: Oppositional Politics and Cultural Engagement in Post-September 11th America.

Oyedemi, Tokunbo D.  The Partially Digital: Internet, Citizenship, Social Inequalities, and Digital Citizenship in South Africa.

Rao, Sangeeta V.  Engaging Identities: Globality and Communicative Practices in Education for Democratic Citizenship.

van Over, Brion.  Beyond Words: Exploring the Cultural Limits of the Communicable.



Bergstrom, Andrea M.  Expanding the Third Person Effect: Parents’ Perceptions of Positive and Negative Media Effects on Their Own Children Compared to Other Children.

Brook, Joanna L.  Reclaiming America for Christian Reconstruction: The Rhetorical Constitution of a "People."

Flanigan, Jolane.  Utopian Gender: Counter Discourses in a Feminist Community.

Halper, Donna L.  Neil Postman’s Missing Critique: A Media Ecology Analysis of Early Radio, 1920-1935.

Lee, Hunju.  The New Asian Female Ghost Films: Modernity, Gender Politics, and Transnational Transformation.

Molina-Markham, Elizabeth.  Listening Faithfully with Friends: An Ethnography of Quaker Communication Practices.



Meyers, Erin A.  Gossip Talk and Online Community: Celebrity Gossip Blogs and Their Audiences.

Salsedo, Carlos.  Andrea and Me: A Digital Autoethnographic Journey into the Past.



Bindig, Lori B.  A New "Era": Media Literacy in Eating Disorder Treatment.

Click, Melissa.  It’s "a good thing": The Commodification of Femininity, Affluence, and Whiteness in the Martha Stewart Phenomenon.

Liu, Zi-xu.  Political Economy of Chinese Television Advertising.

McKenna, Susan E.  Seeing Lesbian Queerly: Visibility, Community, and Audience in 1980s Northampton, Massachusetts.

Oberacker, Jon Scott.  The People and Me: Michael Moore and the Politics of Political Documentary.

Tu, Haijing.  Online Audiences for Foreign Language Films: Implications of the Internet as the New Cultural Arena.



Boromisza-Habashi, David.  Hate Speech as Cultural Practice.

Flynn, Peter J.  Coming into Clover: Ireland and the Irish in Early American Cinema, 1895-1917.

MacLeod, Erna L.  Words apart: Performing Linguistic and Cultural Identities in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia.



Brown, Kennaria Charlott.  Good Women Becoming “Queens”: Young Mothers on Welfare as Cultural Readers.

Lin, Ke-Ming.  The Lacanian Spectator: Lacanian Psychoanalysis and the Cinema.

Lupo, Jonathan D.  Accounting for Taste: Film Criticism, Canons, and Cultural Authority 1996—2006.

McClish, Carmen L.  Social Protest, Freedom, and Play as Rebellion.

Paradise, Angela.  Trait Aggression and Style of Video Game Play: The Effects of Violent Video Game Play on Aggressive Thoughts.

Poutiainen, Saila.  Finnish Cultural Discourses about the Mobile Phone Communication.

Saito, Makoto.  Silencing Identity Through Communication: Situated Enactments of Sexual Identity and Emotion in Japan.

Scollo, Michelle.  Mass Media Appropriations: Communication, Culture, and Everyday Social Life.



Butchart, Garnet C.  Psychoanalyzing Communication: Language, Subjectivity, Symbolization.

Del Rio, Esteban.  All of Us Americanos: Cultural Exhibition and the Rise of Latina/os Within a National Imaginary.

Isgro, Kirsten Lynn.  “Real Women” and the Struggle Against Spiritual Forces of Darkness: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of Concerned Women for America.

Kemmitt, Alicia M.  Active Voice and Community Engagement: Transforming United States Public Service Media Through Strategic Communication.

Lorencova, Viera.  Becoming Visible: Queer in Postsocialist Slovakia.

Mierswa, Mark A.  Emotion at Work: Stories of Teamwork, Stress, and Professionalism.

Stephenson, Denise L.  The Politics of Help: The Rhetoric of Suicide and Suicide Prevention in the Mainstream Press.



Doyle, Vincent A.  The Visibility Professionals: The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the Cultural Politics of Mainstreaming.

Gardner, Thomas N.  “Framing an Execution”: Death, Lies, and Videotape. ABC “20/20” and the Rhetoric of Law and Order in the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Goodwin, Janna L.  Applied Theatre in Corrections: Community, Identity, Learning and Transformation in the Facilitated, Collaborative Processes of Performative, Artistic Praxis.

Haynes, Janice L. Money Makes a Family: A Genealogy of Female-Headed Families, Welfare and Media Representations.

Hughes, Will.  The Green Car: Television Automobile Advertising and the Environmental Attitudes of Television Viewers.

Huntemann, Nina B.  Policy and Culture in the Digital Age: A Cultural Policy Analysis of the United States Commercial Radio Industry.

Huot, François.  Communication and the Grammars of Child Protection: An Analysis of Interactions Between Social Workers and Their Clients.

Mackenzie, Lauren Benotti.  “When Words Fail, Music Speaks”: How Communication Transforms Identity Through Performance at the Berkshire Hills Music Academy (Massachusetts).

Watson, Nessim John.  Action Movie Arabs and the American Call to Endless War: The Role of American Orientalism in Organizing the United States “Response” to the 9/11 Attacks.