Comm Fundraiser to Benefit Study Abroad Scholarships

Casey Lyons

This semester, Comm Senior Casey Lyons is studying abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. She says financial support from a fellowship and scholarship money made it possible for her to go abroad. She wants to learn more about how communication functions outside of the U.S.

“This opportunity will allow me to understand the modes of communication in a new cultural context," said Lyons, "which is something I'm really excited about."

Casey is not alone in her journey, and so the Department of Communication has launched a UMass MinuteFund campaign to raise money for study abroad scholarships to help more students achieve their goal of taking their education abroad.

Study Abroad experiences expose students to new cultures, enable them to make new connections, friendships, and create career opportunities. It can be one of the most fulfilling, enriching and educationally stimulating experiences in students’ lives.

Each year, more than 1,200 students from UMass Amherst participate in the more than 70 campus-sponsored programs across the globe. Through study abroad, students can pursue their academic interests, learn a foreign language, and experience life in a different culture.

Lyons says she feels extremely grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity.

“As a transfer student, I felt that studying abroad might not have been an option for me because I had requirements and courses to fulfill in a short span of time,” said Lyons.

But she’s making it happen. In fact, she plans to graduate a semester early while abroad!

These incredible opportunities are often not accessible for many students without a little help. Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000. Your gift will go directly to study abroad scholarships for Communication majors.

Please check out our fundraising page.