Comm Summer Program Offers High School Students Immersive Media Experience

The Department of Communication has announced a week-long summer program for high school students interested in honing their media literacy and production skills. Media Maker Academy will be taught by Professor Allison Butler, Ph.D. and will take full advantage of the department's state-of-the-art production facilities in the Integrative Learning Center.

The Media Maker Academy is a pre-college summer program sponsored by the department that engages passionate and creative high schoolers in hands-on media production experience. Participants will live on the UMass Amherst Campus from July 23 to July 29, and work closely with Prof. Butler.

“This is a great program because we have state-of-the-art equipment and studio space on a beautiful college campus,” said Professor Butler. “There is ample opportunity for creative set design, critical work, and the opportunity to have a lot of fun making new friends and working collaboratively.”

With access to state-of-the-art video, audio, and studio equipment, and editing software, students will learn the ins and outs of media production, including the basics of remote and studio video, podcasting, lighting, special effects, audio, and Premiere editing. In addition, students will learn about the “behind the scenes” work of storyboarding, scripting, construction of narrative, and messaging.

“This program can make a high schooler stand out because they will master sophisticated technology, have a taste of life on a college campus, and be engaged in a unique opportunity to create media,” Butler added.

The week will end with a screening of the students’ work which friends and family can attend. Students will be provided with SD cards to store their finished work, earn college credit, and leave with a portfolio to use in their future creative pursuits.

Learn more about the Media Maker Academy program and costs on the UMass website.

-- Stephanie George ’17