Current Graduate Students

Katty Alhayek

My scholarship is broadly centered around themes of gender, refugees, activism, and new technologies with interests in popular culture, critical cultural studies and the role of media in promoting social change and justice.

Mike Alvarez

The representation of cybersuicide in moving image media, and suicidal individuals' use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to create meaning in their lives.

Felicitas Baruch

Digital media, globalization, social movements, audience studies, immigration

Audrey Black

Through women, gender and sexuality studies I explore issues of identity, visibility, and recognition in narrative media and other popular culture.

Alex W. Bordino

My general area of interest is American film history with a focus on documentary forms, and my teaching interests include film/video production and screenwriting.

Rachel Briggs

Rachel Briggs is a performance studies Ph.D. student and a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies certificate student; her dissertation research looks at queer subjectivities in the women, gender, and sexuality studies classroom.

Sarah Cho

My research interests are mainly in social interaction and identity, which are particularly the construction of social categories, and rapport building among different ethnic groups through their everyday talk.

Mary C. Dickman

My scholarship examines power relations, deconstructs discursive practices, and explores the relationship between language, thought, and reality; I am interested in how embodied subjects are constructed linguistically, the ways in which bodies are disciplined toward neoliberal ends, and the means that bodies resist normative cultural inscriptions.

Anton Dinerstein

My current research is focused on examining various creative practices and artistic performance in public space, as well as their relation to a bigger social context, including the aspects of identity, politics, and cultural production. I employ ethnographic approach to investigate the meaning and motive behind such communicative events.

Eean Grimshaw

I am interested in examining how language and social interaction are understood in regards to Native American/Indigenous issues, specifically as it concerns language revitalization efforts.

Woori Han

I am interested in cultural production, subjectivity, queer studies, digital media, and affect studies. My dissertation examines cultural production related to the Korea Queer Culture Festival to understand how senses of the self as queer are configured and reconfigured through affective and cultural practices.

Carmen Hernández-Ojeda

Drawing from critical communication/performance pedagogy and critical cultural studies, I advocate for using quotidian and staged performances to foster social change. My research contributes to a critical approach to the study of youth bullying.

Diana Kasem

I work on film and theater (theory and analysis), culture and media, Art History, art for peace; electronic media, and making films.

Dasol Kim

My research interests are in people's daily use of social media, especially how people's ethnic and racial identities are performed in YouTube. I approach this both from a qualitative oriented perspective and social network analysis.

Ryan LaLiberty

Media history, media archaeology, popular music studies

Kylie Lanthorn

Critical cultural studies with interests in consumer culture, performance, and environmental communication

Eunbi Lee

Media literacy, community media, and community engagement in the context of social justice and cultural diversity. Especially, I am interested in working with refugees and migrant workers from Southeast Asia.

Colby Miyose

I am interested in the studying protrayals of masculinity, love, romance, and sexuality in media. I also study Native Hawaiian culture and sovereighnty social movements.

Taliah Mortensen

I am interested in critical cultural studies and rhetoric, with a current focus on how people find and create spaces of belonging under potentially constricting circumstances.

Kavita Nayar

Critical cultural studies of television and new media

EJ Nielsen

Interested in monsters, gender, fan studies, and the frequent intersections thereof

Nii Kotei Nikoi

I draw on critical cultural studies and postcolonial/decolonial studies to examine issues of modernity in popular culture.

Christine Olson

My research explores technological inequalities, digital literacies, and collaborative media production practices.

Gamze Onut

Media literacy and youth, digital media, cultural studies

James Earl Owens

My dissertation work focuses on police communications, the technology and techniques through which police labor and identity gains social meaning and purpose. By examining labor as not only productive but communicative, my research opens a view on how embodied action organizes human and institutional agency. I am guided by ideas from transcultural and post/de-colonial studies, radical democratic theory, and historical research on struggles for freedom and movements of professionalization.

Wendy Pringle

My scholarship contributes to interpretive and critical investigations into the connections between media, health, and society, specifically in examining Canada’s legalization of medical assistance in dying.

Menno Reijven

Norms for public political discussions among ordinary citizens

Alina Ryabovolova

Nationalism, discourse analysis, narrative analysis, Bakhtinian theory, postsocialist Russia, history and memory, museum studies, political communication on social media

Nimrod Shavit

Ethnography of media production

Yijun Sun

My current research interests are in media philosophy and media history, especially how media interweave with science and aesthetics to form cultural technologies.

J.D. Swerzenski

Through the critical pedagogy and new media literacy approaches, my interest is in uses of media technology in classroom practice, specifically in the service of developing critical thinking and responsible cultural production.

Erica Tortolani

Erica's interests include, but are not limited to: silent cinema, horror films, German Expressionist film, avant-garde and experimental film, film theory and criticism, and gender and sexuality studies.

Porntip Israsena Twishime

My work centers narratives of how identity emerges and is performed in the everyday lives of Asian/Asian Americans; in particular, I am interested in how these lived experiences are/become agents of resistance against colonialism, racism, and other systems of injustice.

Stephen Warren

Television and streaming effects, entertainment theories, media psychology

Jui-Kai Yang

Critical health communication and popular culture

Siyuan Yin

My research interests are gender and class inequalities in contemporary China, and civil society forces for progressive changes towards equality and justice.

Danbi Yoo

My research interests include civic media, democratic politics, digital citizenship, and the social impact of computational technology.

Soo oak Yoo

My interests lie in the hybridity of culture and consumer desire in terms of individual tastes and self-expression.

Congcong Zhang

Social media, media effects, new communication technology