Carolyn Anderson

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst. Film and television history and criticism; media historiography.

Donal Carbaugh

Ph.D., University of Washington. Ethnography of communication, communication codes, and cultural discourse analysis; areal interests in Australian, Blackfeet, Finnish, Russian, and USian practices; focal concerns are environmental communication and intercultural communication. 
carbaugh@comm.umass.edu / See Professor Emeritus Carbaugh's profile page.

Vernon E. Cronen

Ph.D., University of Illinois. The development and application of CMM theory in such areas as organizations, community groups, families, social relationships, and mass media. Recent publications focus on aesthetic dimensions of communication, social media, and the relevance of CMM to argumentation. Note: Professor Cronen's current academic home is the Department of Communication Studies, University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

Jarice Hanson

Ph.D., Northwestern University. Domestic and international technology law and policy; digital media and human behavior; IT and labor issues; media coverage of war; digital divide and disability divide.

Sut Jhally

Ph.D., Simon Fraser University. I am interested in popular culture and media from the interdependent perspectives of critical cultural studies and political economy.  While my focus is advertising and consumer culture, I am broadly concerned with ideology, consciousness, and politics.  I have been involved in many book projects as author and editor, though currently my research is expressed in the form of educational video through my work with the Media Education Foundation. See Professor Emeritus Jhally's profile page.
sutj@comm.umass.edu / www.sutjhally.com / See Professor Emeritus Jhally's profile page.

Michael Morgan

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. Television, media effects, cultivation theory and analysis; international and intercultural effects of media and mass communication; new media technologies; media and identity; media institutions and policy; media and the family.
mmorgan@comm.umass.edu / Michael Morgan's CV / Cultural Indicators Bibliography