Communication Majors Receive College and Department Awards

See the full list of our award-winning undergraduates for 2014!

Communication majors received a range of prestigious awards from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences in 2014:

Kara Zoni, William W. Field Scholarship, Connor Internship Award
Kayla Setters, Connor Internship Award
Allison Bush, SBS Internship Award
Kayla Kleczka, SBS Internship Award
Kaitlyn Ferrini, SBS Internship Award
J. Kyle White-Sullivan, Bacherman Fellow
Christopher Doherty, Bacherman Fellow
Rachel Carrillo, Ansin Study Abroad Scholarship
Mackenzie Maynard, Bacherman Fellow
Taylor Gilmore, SBS Internship Award
James Villalobos, Megan S. Daly
Kourtney Mantyla, Ansin Study Abroad Scholarship
Alyssa Lark, Ansin Study Abroad Scholarship

Congratulations to Anessa Roth, the winner of the James E. Lynch Communication Department Scholarship.

And Congratulations to the Award Winners from the 2014 Communication Student Showcase:

1st place - Danielle Hecht & Andrew Lauzon, "8640"
2nd place - Trevor Frederick, "See-Hear-Feel-Film Promo"
3rd place - Dan Robinson, "The Student Connection"
Honorable Mention - James Villalobos, "Carlos Arredondo: One Year After Marathon Bombings"

1st place - Nicole Noonan, "Miss Representation"
2nd place - Natalie Grillo, "See-Hear-Feel-Film"
3rd place - Cali Keene, "See-Hear-Feel-Film"

1st place - Justin Melanson, "A Study of the Effect of Electronic Use on Classroom Performance"
2nd place - Lauren Gerard, "Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Creating New Diseases to Increase Profits"
3rd place - Kayla Setters, "Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy: Influences of Family, Friends, Sexual Education, and Media"

1st place - Jaclyn Barzvi, "The Ball NY Alla Kushnir Show"
2nd place - Chris Doherty, "Announcing UMass Men's Basketball vs. LSU"

1st place - Brianna Aubry, "The Best Skin Color"
2nd place - Patrick Moore, "Lesser Known Fiction"
3rd place - Tanner Guarino, "This I Believe"

Congratulations to all our 2014 submitters and award-winners. All the submissions can be seen here: