Group 3 requirements

For PhD students with an MA in a field other than Communication

All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

Department core courses (12 credits)

  • Comm 611: Introduction to Theories and Concepts of Human Communication
  • Comm 620: Research Methods I
  • Comm 621: Research Methods II
  • Two courses (6 credits) from the following:
    • Comm 691B: Seminar in Media Theory
    • Comm 613: Introduction to Theories of Social Interaction
    • Comm 665: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory (or its equivalent)
    • Comm 693D: Introduction to Film Theory

Research tool (6 credits)

In addition to Comm 620 and Comm 621, two courses designated as "tool courses" are required. Tool courses facilitate dissertation research. It is up to your Guidance Committee to specify particular competencies. For example, students doing quantitative research will probably need advanced work in statistics; students doing historical-critical research in rhetoric will probably need an additional course in historiography and/or rhetorical or cultural criticism.

Additional course requirements/guidelines

  • Up to 30 hours of credits may be transferred, although we recommend fewer
  • Minimum of 3 UMass graduate course credits taken outside the department
  • 12 department course credits at the 700–800 level, exclusive of independent study
  • Maximum of 6 hours independent study credit and 6 hours tutorial credit (counted toward 66)  
  • 33 hours of Communication credits, of which no more than 6 can be independent study