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Read about the Communication graduate admissions requirements

The UMass Amherst Graduate School Bulletin includes a Communication program overview that lists application requirements.

Apply through the Graduate School Admissions Office

The UMass Amherst Graduate School Admissions Office has a standardized application form. For more application information and forms, including an online application, please visit the Admissions section of the UMass Amherst Graduate School website.

The application deadline for fall admission is January 2nd.  Spring admissions are not considered.

About the admission decision

Although the graduate school retains applicants’ official records, decisions to accept applicants to the Communication program (and to recommend admittance to the university) are made by the department's own Graduate Admissions Committee. The committee is highly selective. Admission decisions are based on all available information, not on any single criterion. Primary considerations include a statement of interest in areas in which the department has expertise, letters of recommendation, grade-point averages, and Graduate Record Exam scores.

Financial assistance

Students in the program have a variety of options for financial assistance. Decisions about assistance are made subsequent to and independent of acceptance into the program. However, academic performance is the primary consideration in both decisions. See Funding, at left.

PhD requirements

PhD admission

The Department of Communication does not require grad school applicants to have an undergraduate major or MA in communication. Acceptance into the program is based primarily on general academic ability and interest in the areas of study within the department. Students with no background in the discipline are usually required to complete supplemental courses in addition to the minimum requirements for the PhD. PhD candidates must have a master's degree (or equivalent) from an accredited college or university.