Departmental Administration


Department Chair

Prof. Erica Scharrer

Associate Chair

Prof. Marty Norden


Personnel Committee

Prof. Mari Castañeda, Chair
Prof. Henry Geddes
Prof. Marty Norden
Prof. Shawn Shimpach
Prof. Emily West

Undergraduate Studies Committee

Prof. Marty Norden, Acting Undergraduate Program Director
Prof. Gonen Dori-Hacohen, Honors Coordinator
Prof. Lisa Henderson
Prof. Lynn Phillips, Chief Undergraduate Advisor

Graduate Studies/Admissions Committee

Prof. Leda Cooks, Graduate Program Director
Prof. Benjamin Bailey, Graduate Admissions Chair
Prof. Martha Fuentes-Bautista
Prof. Stephen Gencarella
Prof. Seth Goldman
Grad Rep. Wendy Pringle

Community, Diversity and Social Justice Committee

Prof. Sut Jhally, Chair
Prof. Briankle Chang
Prof. Demetria Shabazz
Grad Rep. Siyuan Yi

Coordinators and Liaisons

BDIC Liaison

Prof. Marty Norden

Colloquium Coordinators

Prof. Donal Carbaugh
Prof. Shawn Shimpach

External Awards Coordinator

Prof. Donal Carbaugh (fall)

Honors Coordinator

Prof. Gonen Dori-Hacohen

Human Subjects Review Coordinator

Prof. Michael Morgan

Library Liaison

Prof. Marty Norden

RAP Liaison 

Prof. Michael Morgan

Course Directors

Comm 226

Prof. Lisa Henderson

Comm 250

Prof. Benjamin Bailey

Comm 260

Prof. Claudio Moreira (fall), Prof. Stephen Gencarella (spring)

Comm 375

Prof. Henry Geddes

Forms and Administrative Services

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Travel reimbursements/Corporate cards

For complete details:
Travel Services website
Travel office, Joan White: 413-545-1405
Comptroller’s Office: 413-545-0806
Denise Storm, reimbursement supervisor: 413-545-0809

 Vendor File Manager: 413-545-1433
Corporate card program: 407 Goodell, 413-545-0361 or

Reimbursements overview

Typical travel expenses include airfare, hotel, taxis, car rental, tolls, mileage, meals per diem, transportation, and other business expenses incurred while on travel status.

Preapproval: All travel must be preapproved by the department chair, no matter where funds are coming from.

Pretravel authorization form: Reimbursements will not be made unless you fill out a pretravel authorization form. Actual travel dates must conform to the authorized dates. If travel involves missed duties, coverage must be specified on this form. Please include the funding source on this form as well. For further guidance, refer to the department travel policy in Appendix 2 of the Memorandum of Faculty Governance. Download the form and the memorandum at right.

Receipts: All receipts must be turned in as soon as possible, no later than 30 days after the travel. All receipts must be original, match transaction amounts, be in the traveling faculty’s name, and show proof of payment (an example would be the XXXX-4196 credit card).

Reimbursement is post-travel: Travel can be reimbursed only after the fact, unless a corporate travel card is used (see below).

Corporate travel cards overview

Corporate travel cards are available to faculty members so that travel expenses can be paid from faculty accounts, rather than out-of-pocket.

  • Apply: To apply for a card, please visit the Travel Services website to fill out an application.
  • For your travel only: The travel card is an individual liability, not the department’s. It is for the card member’s travel only; you cannot book travel for other people. In rare circumstances, nonfaculty travel expenses may be charged to your card, but you are responsible for those charges and they cannot be paid from university accounts.
  • Prepayment: Payments are made directly to the corporate card and can be made before the travel occurs (airfare, hotel, and other expenses).
  • Allowable charges: airfare, hotels, Amtrak, car rentals, conference fees, membership fees, ground transportation, fuel for vehicles, restaurants (while on travel status).
  • Prohibited charges: equipment, catalog orders, alcohol, personal expenses, supplies and commodities, entertainment.