Undergrad Alum Newsletter

Greetings, Comm alumni!

We are developing a semi-annual undergraduate Alumni Newsletter and invite you to catch up on past issues by clicking on the links to the right on this page. Please stay tuned, and send us your contact information and news by clicking on the "Alumni Survey" button at left and filling out the fields (bearing in mind that the Newsletter will be public).  Your information will go to our office manager, Debra Madigan, who'll assemble items from issue to issue.

We have lots to communicate, including all the details of our new home in the Integrative Learning Center. We took up residency in 2014 in what we think of as a new communication laboratory, a place of creativity, invention, discovery and collaboration in media studies; social interaction; cinema, rhetoric and performance; and the study of institutions, technologies and policies--all vibrant subject areas in the Communication major.

We look forward to hearing from you, to keeping in touch, and to becoming a route for your conversations with each other.

Best wishes,

Erica Scharrer, Professor and Chair