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Special Message from the UMass Police Department

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On behalf of the University of Massachusetts Police Department I would like to congratulate all 2013 graduates and welcome their family and friends to the upcoming Commencement ceremonies. In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable event, it is important to remember that security is everyone’s responsibility and awareness of your surroundings is paramount. Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to a police officer or university employee for prompt action.

All Commencement attendees are encouraged to leave personal bags at home or secured in their vehicles and out of sight. No item may be left at the gate or entrance. Bags and other items that are carried into the Commencement ceremony are subject to a visual search. To alleviate delays in entering the venue, attendees are asked not to carry in items that will necessitate a search. The following items should not be brought into the Commencement ceremonies:

• Weapons or any item that can be construed as a weapon
• Backpacks
• Bags (including gift bags)
• Briefcases
• Wrapped gifts
• Fireworks
• Laptop computers/Tablets
• Food or beverages
• Laser pointers or similar items
• Beach balls or other inflatable items

The UMass Police Department will be working with our local and state partners to provide a safe and secure environment as the backdrop for this memorable occasion. Please be cautious while traveling on campus due to the increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic that will be present. Police officers will be available to guide you to your destination and answer any questions you may have.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to sharing this very special time with you. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Chief John Horvath
UMass Police Department