University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Undergraduate Ceremony

Friday, May 9, 2014
4:30 p.m.
McGuirk Alumni Stadium


List of Majors and School or College

Students are seated at the Undergraduate Commencement in groups arranged by their School or College. Guests should enter the stadium through the gate that corresponds to School of College of their graduate.

School/College Abbreviations
BDIC Bachelors Degree with Individual Concentration
CNS College of Natural Sciences
CPE Continuing and Professional Education
EDUC College of Education
ENG College of Engineering
HFA College of Humanities and Fine Arts
NUR College of Nursing
PH&HS School of Public Health and Health Sciences
SBS College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
SCS School of Computer Science
SOM Isenberg School of Management
UWW University Without Walls
A Accounting SOM
Afro-American Studies HFA
Animal Science CNS
Anthropology SBS
Architecture HFA
Art History HFA
Astronomy CNS
B Bachelors Degree w/ Individual Concentration BDIC
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology CNS
Biology CNS
Building and Construction Technology CNS
Building Materials and Wood Technology CNS
C Chemical Engineering ENG
Chemistry CNS
Chinese Language and Literature HFA
Civil Engineering ENG
Classics HFA
Communication SBS
Communication Disorders PH&HS
Comparative Literature HFA
Computer Science SCS
Computer Systems Engineering ENG
D Dance HFA
E Earth Systems CNS
Economics SBS
Early Childhood Education EDUC
Electrical Engineering ENG
English HFA
Environmental Design SBS
Environmental Science CNS
F Finance SOM
Finance and Operations Management SOM
Food Science CNS
Forestry CNS
French and Francophone Studies HFA
G General Studies (Continuing & Professional Education) CPE
Geography CNS
Geology CNS
German and Scandinavian Studies HFA
H History HFA
Hospitality and Tourism Management SOM
I Industrial Engineering ENG
Italian Studies HFA
J Japanese Language and Literature HFA
Journalism SBS
Judaic Studies HFA
K Kinesiology PH&HS
L Landscape Architecture SBS
Legal Studies SBS
Linguistics HFA
Linguistics and Anthropology HFA
Linguistics and Chinese HFA
Linguistics and German HFA
Linguistics and Japanese HFA
Linguistics and Philosophy HFA
Linguistics and Portugese HFA
Linguistics and Psychology HFA
Linguistics and Russian HFA
Linguistics and Spanish HFA
M Management SOM
Marketing SOM
Mathematics CNS
Mechanical Engineering ENG
Microbiology CNS
Middle Eastern Studies HFA
Music HFA
N Natural Resource Studies CNS
Nursing NURS
Nutrition PH&HS
P Philosophy HFA
Physics CNS
Plant and Soil Sciences CNS
Political Science SBS
Portuguese HFA
Pre-Dental CNS
Pre-Medical CNS
Pre-Veterinary CNS
Psychology CNS
Public Health Sciences PH&HS
R Resource Economics SOM
Resource Economics SBS
Russian and East European Studies HFA
S Science (Interdepartmental) CNS
Social Thought and Political Economy SBS
Sociology SBS
Spanish HFA
Sport Management SOM
Studio Arts HFA
T Theater HFA
U University Without Walls UWW
W Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation CNS
Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies HFA