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Rolf O. Karlstrom
Professor, Department of Biology
Member, Neuroscience and Behavior Program
Member, Molecular and Cellular Biology Program

University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
phone: 413-577-3448 (lab: 3456)
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Ventral view of zebrafish head showing retinal axons. In wildtype embryos (left), axons cross the midline to form the optic chiasm. In yot mutant embryos (right), axons do not cross the midline and instead project aberrantly to the ipsilateral side of the brain.

Zebrafish Axon Guidance and Forebrain Patterning: We are interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that are responsible for the formation of the vertebrate forebrain. Using zebrafish as a powerful genetic and experimental model system, we are investigating 1) how signaling molecules help pattern the forebrain and pituitary and 2) how this patterned forebrain substrate guides retinal axons across the midline to form the optic chiasm.

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