Eric L. Bittman, Biology Department
Neuroendocrinology; Circadian Rhythms and Photoperiodism

Jeffrey D. Blaustein, Psychology Department
Neuroendocrinology and Behavior; Neuronal Mechanisms of Action of Steroid Hormones; Hormones and Reproductive Behaviors

Rolf O. Karlstrom, Department of Biology
Development of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis; Axon Guidance and Forebrain Patterning

Agnès Lacreuse , Psychology Department
Sex Steroids and Cognition Across the Adult Lifespan in Nonhuman Primates

Jerrold Meyer, Psychology Department (Emeritus)
Neurochemistry; Neuropharmacology; Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis

Stephen D. McCormick, Biology Department
NeuroendocrineControl of Osmoregulation; Growth and Development in Teleost Fish

Sandra L. Petersen, Biology Department
Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction; Sexual Differentiation of the Brain; Environmental Toxins as Endocrine Disrupters

Luke Remage-Healey, Psychology Department
Neurosteroids and Rapid Modulation of Cortical Circuits; Vocal Learning and Plasticity

Heather Richardson, Psychology Department
Developmental Neuroscience, Neuroendocrinology, Peptides and Behavior; Neurobiology of Stress and Addiction

R. Thomas Zoeller, Biology Department
Thyroid Hormone Regulation of Brain Development; Thyroid Disrupting Compounds and Development

Adjunct Members:

John-Paul Baird, Psychology Department, Amherst College
Feeding Microstructure and Related Neural Responses in the Brainstem

Annaliese Beery, Psychology Department, Smith College
Affiliative Social Behavior; Epigenetic Mechanisms by which Experience Changes the Brain and Behavior

Ethan D. Clotfelter, Biology Department, Amherst College
Neuroendocrinology of Aggression; Behavioral Effects of Endocrine Disruptors.

Mary E. Harrington, Psychology Department, Smith College
Circadian Rhythms; Photic and Non-Photic Entrainment

Marc J. Tetel, Biology Department, Wellesley College
Nuclear Receptor Coactivators and Mechanisms of Steroid Hormone Action in the Brain

Christine K. Wagner, Psychology Department, University at Albany
Maternal/fetal Interaction; Maternal Hormones and Fetal Neural Development


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