Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


What is CMASS?

The Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success (CMASS) is a support center whose primary focus is on first generation, students of color and low income students.  We provide academic support, personal development, career and graduate school preparation, cultural enrichment programs and outreach to incoming students and alumni.


What can CMASS do for me?

CMASS staff works with you to develop goals and the action plans to achieve academic, leadership and personal goals.  We have programs to assist you in developing leadership and communication skills, prepare you for career and graduate school and to build community.  Through the  four cultural centers we offer events that celebrate the wide range of racial and ethnic diversity on-campus.


How do the CMASS academic support staff advocate for students?

Our academic support staff monitors student academic progress. They are advocates often working with offices across campus to assist in addressing a variety of issues that can impact a student’s experience in the classroom while assisting students develop strategies to connect in class and external experiences.

You can meet one-on-one with a staff to understand your degree audit, FAFSA, study abroad and develop strategies to achieve your academic goals. 


What do the cultural centers do?

The cultural centers cultural centers provide cultural, social and educational activities to enhance the experience of diverse students at UMass Amherst community. 

According to last year’s assessment, the cultural centers serve as a home away from home and as a hub for RSO collaborations.


Are the cultural Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) part of CMASS?

No. The cultural RSOs are advised through Student Activities and Involvement. CMASS and cultural RSOs collaborate frequently on educational, cultural and leadership programming.  


Do I need to enroll in programs within CMASS?

We encourage students to fill out the online affiliation form. This provides us with the information we need to better serve you. We also request that you sign in when utilizing services and/or attending events as this helps us track usage of services.  This year we are using card swiping to facilitate this process. 


Once I am enrolled in an CMASS program, do I have to continue my involvement through all four years?

No. Participation in CMASS is optional. However, your ability to navigate the University and build skills increases the longer you are involved with CMASS.  


How can I find out more about the programs?

That's easy! Complete the online affiliation form. You will receive a weekly bulletin of information, resources and reminders.  Also, check the calendar of events often for event dates and locations. You can also drop by our office in Wilder Hall to introduce yourself and find out more about our programs.