Cultural Center Space Reservations

Reserving a Cultural Center Cultural Centers are available for reservation by student organizations, faculty and staff to host meetings, events and classes.

Student organizations must request to reserve space using Campus Pulse.

Faculty and staff must request to reserve space by emailing this form to the respective Cultural Center.

By requesting to reserve a Cultural Center you are expected:

  • To allow 2 weeks for staff to review and respond to your space reservation request on Campus Pulse;
  • To be present during the event and maintain proper use of the space in relation to the purpose of the event requested;
  • To adhere to day/time approved for event;
  • To notify of cancellation in a timely fashion; the Thursday before a Friday, Saturday or Sunday event, and any time for all other days;
  • To handle the set-up of the room and ensure furniture is re-positioned in the original arrangement after the event;
  • To make necessary arrangements to bring in equipment not already available in the cultural centers;
  • To clean up by disposing of trash from the event including recyclable items as well as wiping down all tables;
  • Bring paper goods and other supplies needed to ensure the event runs smoothly