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Courses currently offered by the Classics Department may be found by going on-line at the University’s SPIRE web site. A listing of undergraduate courses fulfilling the University’s General Education Requirement (no knowledge of ancient Greek or Latin languages required) is listed below:

Classics 100: Greek Civilization (HS). Survey of ancient Greek history, literature and art from the prehistoric period through Alexander the Great.

Classics 102: Roman Civilization (HS). Survey of ancient Roman literature, history and art from prehistory through the Roman Empire.

Classics 224: Greek Mythology (AL). Structure and meaning of ancient Greek myths, including their social and religious contexts.

Classics 300: Greek Archaeology (AT). Archaeology of ancient Greek cities and temples, including techniques and ethics of excavation.

Classics 301: Roman Archaeology (AT). Archaeology of the Roman world, including Roman cities and colonies in North Africa and Britain.

Classics 330: Magic in Antiquity (HS). The influence witchcraft and magic had in ancient Greek and Roman society, including the psychology of magic and its relationship to religion.

Classics 335: Women in Antiquity (HS). Lives, roles, contributions, and status of women in the ancient Greek and Roman world.

Classics 365: Greek Drama (AL). Attention to the development, production, and themes of Greek tragedy and comedy.

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