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Etruscan Texts Project
Etruscan Texts Project (ETP) is an initiative sponsored by the Department of Classics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that aims to collect the approximately 2,000+ Etruscan inscriptions recovered from 1990 to the present and to produce an on-line edition of inscriptions accompanied by a searchable database. Once the database is on-line, scholars will be able to search Etruscan inscriptions on the website by features such as inscription number, geographical area, type of document, names, places and date of production.  Scholars interested in studying a particular epigraphic category of inscription, e.g. funerary inscriptions, will be able to search the database for these inscriptions.  Scholars who are interested in studying Etruscan nouns and their inflectional properties will be able to search the database for these forms.  In this way Etruscan Texts Project on-line facilitates the grammatical investigation of the Etruscan language.  And the better the language is understood, the better we understand the Etruscans and their world.

The advantage of an electronic format for the publication of inscriptions is that the database can be updated as new inscriptions are recovered.  The project can be expanded to include linguistic and historical commentary, or photographs of inscriptions, if and when resources become available.  Publication of the inscriptions and the database on CD-ROM would be easily managed.  This is particularly important because the number of Etruscan texts has grown extensively during the last 15 years and scholars have not been unable to access them readily due to the lack of a central repository or information source.

Interested parties are invited to visit the Etruscan Text Project or to contact Professor Rex Wallace by phone at 413-545-5779 or by email at

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