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Eric Poehler
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Virginia University 2009

539 Herter Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

413.545.5776 office
413.545.6995 fax

Research Interests
Greek and Roman Archaeology; Roman urbanism and architectural history; archaeological theory and method.

Recent Publications

Poehler, E., M. Flohr, and K. Cole (eds.). Forthcoming. Art, Industry and Infrastructure in Roman Pompeii (Oxford: Oxbow Books).

Poehler, Eric E. and K. Cole. Forthcoming. “Practical Matters: Infrastructure and the design of the Post-Earthquake Forum at Pompeii.” In Cole, K., M. Flohr, and E. Poehler (eds.), Art, Industry and Infrastructure in Roman Pompeii (Oxford: Oxbow Books).

Poehler, Eric E. Forthcoming. “Where to Park? Carts, Stables and the Economics of Transport in Pompeii.” In R. Laurence and D. Newsome (eds.), Rome, Ostia and Pompeii: Movement and Space (London: Routledge).

Ellis, S., T. Gregory, E. Poehler and K. Cole. 2008. “A New Method for Studying Architecture and Integrating Legacy Data: A case study from Isthmia, Greece.” In Allison, P. (ed.), Dealing with Legacy Data, Internet Archaeology 24.

Poehler, Eric E. and S. Evans. 2007. “Towards a Digital Architectural Model of VIII.7.1-15 and the Porta Stabia.” Rivista di Studi Pompeiani, Volume 19: 127-128.

Poehler, Eric E. 2006. "The Circulation of Traffic in Pompeii's Regio VI." Journal of Roman Archaeology, volume 19: 53-74.

Poehler, Eric E. 2004. “Traffic Jams.” Current World Archaeology, Number 4: 46-49.

Poehler, Eric E. 2003. “Romans on the Right: The Art and Archaeology of Traffic.” Athanor, Volume 21: 7-15.

Poehler, Eric E. 1999. “Some Organizations and Resources Related to Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Issues” In Messenger, P. M. (ed.), The Ethics of Collecting Cultural Property: Whose Culture? Whose Property? 2nd Edition. University of New Mexico Press.


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