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Rex Wallace

Professor | Associate Dean of Research and Academic Personnel for HFA

(413) 545-5779

520 Herter Hall

Rex Wallace joined the Classics department in 1985 after receiving his Ph.D. in Linguistics from The Ohio State University and after spending a year at the American Academy in Rome as the Oscar Broneer Fellow in Classical Studies. His research interests are the languages of pre-Roman Italy, their writing systems, linguistic structure, and historical development. His current research projects focus on Etruscan morpho-syntax, literacy in pre-Roman Italy, and the inscriptions of the Orientalizing period Etruscan settlement of Poggio Civitate. He is co-editor of Rasenna, an electronic journal devoted to Etruscan archaeology and language. 

Research Areas

  • Languages of pre-Roman Italy
  • Historical/Comparative Linguistics



Edited Book

  • Breed, Brian, Elizabeth Keitel, and Rex Wallace (eds.). To appear 2018. Speaking of the Republic: Lucilius and His Contexts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Museum Exhibit Catalogue

  • Tuck, Anthony, and Rex Wallace. 2013. First Words: The Archaeology of Language at Poggio Civitate. Altona, Canada: Friesens Press.


  • 2015. “The reading and interpretation of the final word on ET Cl 1.136: Etruscan eprθniś.” Studi Etruschi 76.282–83. Co-authored with Theresa Huntsman.
  • 2016. “Language, Alphabet and Linguistic Affiliation.” In Sinclair Bell and Alexandra Carpino (eds.), A Companion to the Etruscans, pp. 203–23. London/New York: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • 2016. “Literacy and Epigraphy of an Etruscan Town.” In Nancy de Grummond and Lisa Pieraccini (eds.), Caere – An Etruscan City, pp. 153-74. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.
  • 2017. “The Italic Languages.” In Mate Kapović (ed.), The Indo-European Languages, pp. 324–68. London/New York: Routledge.
  • 2017. “An Inscribed Etruscan Urn from the Firmin Didot Collection.” Etruscan Studies, 20.1: 77-82. Co-authored with Theresa Huntsman.
  • To appear 2018. “The Social Context of Proto-Literacy in Central Italy: the Case of Poggio Civitate.” In Kathryn Lomas and John B. Wilkins (eds.), Etruscan Literacy in its Social Context, pp. 57–68. London: Accordia Research Centre, University of London. Co-authored with Anthony Tuck.
  • To appear 2018. “Venetic.” In Jared Klein and Brian Joseph (eds.), Comparative Indo-European Linguistics. An International Handbook of Language Comparison and the Reconstruction of Indo-European, pp. 17–24. Berlin: De Gruyter.
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  • To appear 2018. “Lemnian Language.” Oxford Classical Dictionary. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • To appear 2018. "An Umbrian inscription at Poggio Civitate.” Glotta 94: 272-83. Co-authored with Anthony Tuck.


    Courses Recently Taught

    • Classics 540: Introduction to Sanskrit Grammar
    • Classics 594a: Epic Sanskrit
    • Classics 591a: Etruscan Language and Epigraphy
    • Greek 126: Intensive Beginning Ancient Greek
    • Greek 246: Intensive Intermediate Ancient Greek
    • Latin 445: Roman Drama (Plautus)
    • Latin 616: Advanced Latin Grammar