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Rasenna: Journal of the Center for Etruscan Studies

Rasenna is an electronic journal devoted to the study of all aspects of the Etruscan World. It provides free access to cutting-edge research that addresses topics across a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives. The journal also publishes substantive reviews of the latest books in the field and encourages scholarly responses to its publications.

Poggio Civitate Publications

An important feature of the Poggio Civitate Database Archive is that it allows for the digital presentation of previous scholarship on the site as well as new publication of materials and ideas from Poggio Civitate and its surrounding region. In the coming months, new scholarly works on various aspects of the site will be added. Erik Neilsen’s original study of the bone, antler and ivory carving from Poggio Civitate’s 7th century Residence is being prepared for presentation as well as numerous early excavation reports and published analyses of aspects of the 6th century architectural terracotta iconographic program. For Poggio Civitate Publications please link to Poggio Civitate publications.


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