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Santos de Palo Carving: It's Evolution in the Religious & Popular Culture of PR


Carlos Santiago Arroyo, a local artisan will discuss the historical context of Santos de Palo in Puerto Rico, notable carvers, and their styles.


"Brazil on the Brink" A Round-Table Discussion with UMass Specialists


Brazil on the Brink: 

A Round-Table Discussion with UMass Specialists



Joel Wolfe, Professor of History

Millie Thayer, Associate Professor of Sociology

Jorge Minella, Graduate Student, History

Layla Carvalho, Universidade de São Paulo, Fulbright Graduate Research Exchange Scholar

Sonia E. Alvarez, CLACLS Director and Professor of Political Science

"Empire Nakedness: Financial Colonialism and the Oversight Board Over Puerto Rico"


Part of the Puerto Rico at a Crossroad Series

CLACLS end-of-year celebration with dinner to follow.

Emilio Pantojas García Sociologist, principal researcher at the Center for Social Research and professor of Sociology at UPR, Rio Piedras. Specialist in political sociology and economic development in the Caribbean basin.

Hugo Delgado Martí, Spokesperson for the Workers Socialist Movement, Physics teacher at Miguel Such Vocational High School, member of the Teachers’ Federation of Puerto Rico, and President of the San Juan IV Local Union.

UMass Facilitators: Roberto Alejandro, Political Science & Agustín Laó-Montes, Sociology

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"Puerto Ricans in the Empire: Tobacco Growers and U.S. Colonialism" Teresita A. Levy


Terestia A. Levy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Latino American, Latino and Puerto Rican Studies at Lehman College and Associate Director of the Cetner of Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Professor Levy's book, Puerto Ricans in the Empire: Tobacco Growers and U.S. Colonialism, was published by Rutgers Unveristy Press in 2014. Her research focuses on the economic history of the Spanish Caribbean.

"Perspectives on Brazilian Music and Popular Culture"


Composers, arrangers, and performers, the musicians of The Reunion Project are some of the most influential artists in the Brazilian Music scene. Join Umass Music Professor Felipe Salles and his fellow band members as they discuss the role of music in Brazilian politics and culture. Filmed 2/29/16

"On Protest: Police Violence and Protest"

A thought-provoking discussion of the social and political dimensions of Police who can be seen as actors a operating independently of the State and of the People.
Panelists will address protest & conflict over police violence & security measures in cities from Amman, Baltimore, Cairo, Ferguson, Minneapolis, Paris, & Rio de Janeiro. 
Panelists will ask: Are policing agencies "learning" at a more rapid pace than in past? How are protests policed & how have policing practices varied over time?
What are the continuities/discontinuities in the history of protest & rebellion against police violence & in the history of protest by police?
Is visible state repression of protest & racialized police violence in decline with the advent of transnational media?

"Less than Equal: A History of the Extension of Citizenship Rights to Puerto Rico 1898-Present"


Charles R. Venator discussing the complex history behind the United States relationship with Puerto Rico evolution of the framework of Puerto Rican Citizenship.  Filmed 2/16/16

Mass Violence and Human Rights: Global Politics of Truth and Justice


A fascinating conference on Mass Violence and the role of truth and reconciliation in the wake of such violence. Filmed 2/5/2016

Afro-Cuban Intellectuals and Anti-Racist Politics


A CLACLS-sponsored event in which Thomás Fernández Robaina speaks about his new collection of Afro-Cuban intellectuals who articulated anti-racist views before and after the 1954 revolution.


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