Span 417: Spanish American Culture & Civilization

Academic Year:
Fall 2013
Day and Time:
T/Th, 11:15 am -12:30 pm

The course studies the historical development of Spanish American culture and civilization from the colonial period to the present. Particular attention is given to the hybrid nature of this development. Readings vary by semester and most will be available on SPARK. Among the possible readings this semester are: Phelan, “El origen de la idea de Latinoamérica” Martí, “Nuestra América” Henríquez Ureña, “El descontento y la promesa” Bernand y Gruzinski, Historia del Nuevo Mundo León Portilla, Visión de los vencidos Bushnell and Macaulay, The Emergence of Latin America in the Nineteenth Century Acosta Belén, et al. Adiós, Borinquen querida Students are expected to take two exams and keep a cultural portfolio of a specific cultural region. Class participation is expected.

Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Content: