PORT 697A ST- Brazil in Film & Fiction

Academic Year:
Spring 2014
Day and Time:
TuTh 4:00-6:30

The principal aim of this course is to introduce students to Brazilian culture through selected films and readings (fiction and scholarly articles).  By focusing on how filmmakers and writers represent key aspects of Brazilian society past and present, the following major themes will be explored: the colonization process; culture contact between Europeans and native Brazilians; slavery and the resistance to it; economic and political development; immigration and internal migration; life in the backlands; the dictatorship and its aftermath; urban problems. A second aim of the course is to study the development of Brazilian cinema through the past sixty years, especially the movement known as cinema novo. A third aim is to develop analytical skills and writing abilities. Course and readings are in English; films have English subtitles

Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Content: