PORT 597NL ST-New History and Literature

Academic Year:
Spring 2014
Day and Time:
Wed 1:25-3:45

This course aims at discussing the new history school from its beginning in France to its expansion in the United States and Brazil, during postmodernism. The philosophical bases for the linguistic turn that occurred after the 1970s will be discussed, as well as the concepts of Hayden White and Linda Hutcheon. New history works by Eduardo Bueno and Lilia Schwarcz and a novel by Ana Miranda will be analyzed according to this trend, in comparison with the writings of a more traditional sort, such as the chronicles of Machado de Assis, Eca de Queiroz, the novels of Stendhal and Balzac, among others. This course proposes to insert literature in new history, or "total history," the social sciences and cultural studies as a powerful means to analyze society, and especially the Brazilian scene.

Fulbright Professor of Brazilian Studies.


Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Content: