ENG- 891AV Caribbean Family

Academic Year:
Spring 2014
Day and Time:
Thursdays 10:30-1:00

This seminar will investigate how the conventions of family saga are
deployed to ease anxieties of belonging among contemporary subjects (whose
ability to claim the Caribbean as home-space is disrupted by racial
alienation, fractured genealogies, and the historical traumas of
colonization and slavery) and authorize or problematize the formation of
modern Caribbean nation-states. Primary texts may include V.S. Reid’s _New
Day_, Patrick Chamoiseau’s _Texaco_, Julia Alvarez’s _In the Name of
Salomé_, Lawrence Scott’s _Witchbroom_, Rosario Ferré’s _House on the
Lagoon_, Dionne Brand’s _At the Full and Change of the Moon_, Margaret
Cezair-Thompson’s _The True History of Paradise_, Gisele Pineau’s _The
Drifting of Spirits_, and Maryse Condé’s _Tree of Life_. Major assignments
are a presentation and an article-length final paper.

PLEASE NOTE: in the course above I always try to divide the reading list
roughly evenly between the anglophone, francophone and hispanophone
Caribbean; hence my designation of "approx. Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean and/or Latino content: 33%


Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Content: