791Z: Seminar-Global Media and Communication

Academic Year:
Spring 2014
Day and Time:
Wed. 7-10

Archive Description: This seminar examines the history and global expansion of communication technologies, institutions, content and audiences within a broader political economic and cultural context of an evolving world system. The emphasis is on theories of the world system and global communication, as well as a comparative focus on different geographical regions (including North America). The implications of the current convergence and 'digitalization' of cultural industries and telecommunication are of particular concern. Other themes include, but are not limited to, the following:  Modernity, imperialism, core/periphery models, modernization, globalization, neoliberalism, networks, transnationalism/transculturation, hybridity, coloniality, media institutions and formats/genres, cultural production/identity, consumer culture, propaganda-war-peace, and intellectual property. Students will choose a related topic and develop a research proposal or draft for publication. Non-majors contact Instructor for further details. Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean and/or Latino content: 30% 

Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Content: