497 AK: Special Topic-Communication, Ecology, Sustainability

Academic Year:
Spring 2014
Day and Time:
TTH 4:00-5:15

Archive Description: Lecture. The course explores the links between, communication, ecology and sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws on the social and natural sciences, as well as the humanities. It looks at key aspects of the emerging sub-field of Environmental Communication:  1. Environmental rhetoric and discourse, 2. Media and environmental journalism, 3. Public participation in environmental decision making, 4. Social marketing and advocacy campaigns, 5. Environmental collaboration and conflict resolution, 6. Risk communication, 7. Representations of Nature in popular culture and green marketing.

Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean and/or Latino content: 25%

Course Prerequisite:  Background in Mass Communication or Sustainability Studies Course Eligibility*:   COMM juniors and seniors; non-majors contact Professor


Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Content: