I am proudly a Nigerian and happy to be at CIE. I believe that coming to CIE will facilitate the experiences that help examine policy formation and implementation in regard to education in developing countries. I graduated from University of Ibadan in 1989 with honors in Adult Education and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from University of Ilorin in 1995 both in Nigeria respectively. I have worked for over 20 years armed with varied teaching experiences both in the formal and non-formal settings. I worked with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Nigeria for twelve years rising to the Management level. My work experience and position as an adult education practitioner gave me hands-on experience in community education programs as part of the organization’s community development service (CDS) program and by this I was exposed to implementing programs related to women particularly in adult literacy. Through this work, I realized how women are endowed with different skills that can complement each other at different stages of their development.


To further advance my skills in ways to better effect changes in the lives of women I opted for a Master of Arts degree in Sustainable Development with a concentration in Community Development and Social Action from the School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute Brattleboro Vermont USA.


Among many reasons I chose CIE so that I can build my leadership skills in research practices and policy formulation and implementation. I am particularly interested in bridging the gap between the educated and non-educated women through the use non-formal education. This choice is rooted in my strong belief that, the successes and failures of educational policies with respect to women education particularly in developing countries can be deepened and broadened through policy studies.


As a policy researcher and expert with a focus in International Education, I want to be well versed in the meaning, purposes, scope and limits of education through generation of research that emphasizes international perspective and emerging areas of investigation. In a globalized world of today, there is need for educational policies that will meet the needs of the world, the people and at the same time encouraging the required change for sustainable development especially for women, who for decades were left behind the development agenda. 


My professional goal is to engage with women both young and old as they expand their horizon and become more involved in family and community decision making.  I plan to continue to work with the Nigerian Government and policy makers to review our educational system especially in non-formal and vocational system of education in Nigeria. I am a happily married woman blessed with five lovely children.


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