Kefah Barham (Ed.D. 2013)

After graduating in 2013, I returned home to West Bank where I have been active in a number of different areas.   I first began working as an assistant professor at An-Najah National University in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training. 


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Paul Frisoli (M.Ed. 2007; Ed.D. 2013)

Paul Frisoli is currently Senior Technical Advisor in Education at the International Rescue Committee (IRC). He is leading IRC's global work in social-emotional learning and education technology & innovation to promote children’s enrollment, retention and learning in crisis and conflict settings.


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Benjamin N. Oganga (M.Ed. 2013)

Benjamin Oganga is currently serving as an Assistant Director for Secondary Education in the President's Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) in Dodoma, Tanzania. He was previously Education Coordinator and Principal Education Coordinator.


Oganga has also worked as a monitoring and evaluation specialist for the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training as well as for the Kigoma Regional Administration, focusing on the Kigoma Special Economic Zone.


He wrote to CIE about this work after he graduated in 2013:


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Ricardo Leon Gomez Yepes (Ed.D. 2013)

After completing his doctoral program at CIE, Ricardo returned to Colombia. He is back at University of Antioquia, his home institution, working as a teacher of quantitative research and evaluation methods. He also works as a policy analyst and consultant for several government agencies and private organizations.


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Mjege Kinyota (M.Ed. 2013)

As a PhD student at the Institute of International and Comparative Education (IICE) of Beijing Normal University (BNU), PRC, I still cherish my experience at the Center for International Education (CIE) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Not only has that experience influenced my enrollment at BNU, but also the focus of my current research.


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Angela Yang-Handy (Ed.D. 2013)

I have been living in the Philippines since 2009 with my husband and our two daughters.  In September 2013 I completed my doctorate, having produced a dissertation entitled, “Preparing Visually-Impaired People in the Philippines for Mainstream Employment: The Impact of ICT Accessibility.”  I am an active board member of the Manila-based ATRIEV Computer School for the Blind, and have been assisting with a range of education, fund-raising and administrative concerns. 


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Habibullah Wajdi (Ed.D. 2013)

Habibullah Wajdi, a citizen of Afghanistan, is an educational development professional with over 16 years of experience in education development particularly in conflict and post-conflict settings. During his career he has worked nationally and internationally with governments; well reputed national and international organizations; civil society, and donors on various projects and programs. 


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Patrick Thoendel


I did not intend to start a career in international education, but more or less wandered into it.  I began my career by teaching English in Japan with the now defunct chain of English conversation schools called NOVA. I lived and worked in Japan for 2 years teaching English to everyone from 4-year-old children to 70-year-old pensioners. Despite the challenges of working in Japanese office culture I really enjoyed the work and the lifestyle. I began to see education and teaching English as a way to finance my travel habit.


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Hassan Aslami


Salam! I grew up in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. My interest in pursuing graduate studies in Education has grown during my almost five years tenure with USAID funded Afghanistan Higher Education Project and it had become a dream for me to study in a prestigious university like UMass. I am thrilled that I am here at CIE now and doing my master’s program.

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Milka Ndura


I would have never imagined or it would have ever crossed my mind that one day I would be studying in CIE. My journey to CIE was rather short but exciting. I was in Kenya working with a civic organization called Twaweza which is a new citizen-centered initiative, focusing on large-scale social change in East Africa. It is here that I met and worked with a student from CIE, Martina Ochieng who was and still is my mentor and which opened doors for my career path.

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