Farida Fleming (M.Ed. 2008)

I hope things are well at CIE. I think of you all often. Since finishing my Masters, I’ve been settling back into life in Australia and traveling in the region.


I have kept up links with CIE through our contract with Unicef to do a desk review on non-formal education equivalence and skills training for out-of-school adolescents in East Asia and the Pacific. It's great to be working with friends and colleagues.


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Sahadat Chaudhury (Ed.D. 2008)

When I arrived at the CIE in Fall 2003 to start my Ed.D. program, my experience included several years in the Bangladesh Civil Service in various roles, including working as Assistant Director of Planning in the Directorate of Non Formal Education in Bangladesh for seven years. My major responsibilities included doing research, developing projects, and liaising with international agencies. My job also gave me a unique opportunity of interacting with differently literate rural people, observing and understanding their life, perspectives, educational priorities, and rural employment.

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Mohammad Hossain Vahidi (2008-2010)

After studying at CIE, in 2013 I began working as a Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist for the Ministry of Education (MoE) to design and structure the annual review of MoE’s strategic plan including collecting, analyzing, and interpreting findings, and drafting the review reports.


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Vanessa Mériné (M.Ed. 2008)

After completing her degree at CIE, Vanessa began working in the Admissions Office of Florida International University in Miami.  She began as a Senior Evaluator/Advisor and in 2012 she became the Assistant and then the Associate Director for Transfer and Transition Services where, among other duties, she was responsible for the redesign and management of their web site.


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Laureen Pierre (Ed.D. 2016)

In September 2018 Laureen joined the Bina Hill Institute Youth Learning Center as its Principal. The center is the only tertiary educational institution in the country’s hinterland, located in Guyana’s North Rupununi district.  Although the two-year syllabus includes English and math, classes focus on areas relevant to life in Guyana’s interior, such as agriculture, natural resource management, forestry, tourism, traditional crafts and Makushi, one of the local indigenous languages. 


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Nina Papadopoulos (Ed.D. 2019)

In 2011 Nina joined USAID in Washington, D.C. as the Senior Advisor in Education in Crisis and Conflict. In that role she provided technical support and oversight to ensure the effective operationalization of the Education Strategy related to EiCC.  Starting in 2015 she became the Team Lead of EiCC, directing technical assistance to 23 USAID missions in program design support, implementation of research, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity development for education staff in policy development, program design, and implementation.

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Alicia Fitzpatrick (2008-2010)

After studying at CIE Alicia joined the International Rescue Committee in what would become a career of 10 years with them, mostly based in Sierra Leone.   She began as a Distance Education Specialist, then moved up to being the Child and Youth Protection and Development Coordinator, and then the Education Consortium Coordinator.


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Satomi Kamei (Ed.D. 2016)

After graduating with her doctorate in May 2016, Satomi began work in Uganda in August with JICA where she is part of a project supporting district governments.


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Delawar Darmal (M.Ed. 2009)

My educational background from CIE and skills gained during my studies in CIE enabled me to join the education sector where I could apply the knowledge and skills for the development of the education sector of Afghanistan.


After I graduated from CIE, I rejoined Baghlan University as Assistant Professor and taught in the undergraduate program training both in-service and pre-service teachers. In 2011, I worked with World Bank as Research Consultant with the assignment to evaluate the establishment of School Management Committees.


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Siddiqullah Barikzai (M.Ed. 2009)

I returned to Kabul in 2010 and joined Computer Science Department of Natural Science Faculty at Kabul Education University (KEU). In mid-2010, I was elected as the chair of Computer Science Department. I led the department in addition to teaching various courses in both computer science and pedagogy.


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