Kimberly Parekh (Ed.S. 2019)

Hi CIE family!


I came to CIE to better understand nonformal and complementary education for children, having previously worked in implementing such programs for various national and international NGOs in South Asia. Fortunately, I was able to do just that, as well as forge meaningful and lasting relationships with faculty and classmates! I began as an Ed.D. student and candidate from 2006-2009 and graduated with an Ed.S. in 2019.


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Duc Le (Lee) Nguyen (M.Ed. 2006)

After graduating from CIE, I decided to continue on the academic path. I was accepted to the Master’s program in Project Management at the George Washington University School of Business. Having enrolled as a part-time student, it takes me longer than usual to finish the degree but I’m happy since I can both work and study at the same time. I’ve changed a couple of jobs and World Learning is my most recent stop.

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Elias Moning (Ed.D. 2006)

Elias Moning is currently Director of Gaharu Kencana Estate Villa or “Ghrookeville” in West Java, Indonesia, an agro-eco-property development that emphasizes economic and environmental values by using traditional architecture for building, conserving the endangered Gaharu species by planting Gaharu trees, and facilitating the cultivation of durian and mangosteen fruit trees over their 6 hectares of land.


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Anita Anastacio (M.Ed. 2006)

In May 2019, Anita joined the LEGO Foundation as Senior Program Specialist supporting the foundation's new humanitarian portfolio with an initial focus on reaching the youngest children in settings of conflict and crisis, from birth to six, with Learning through Play (LtP) interventions.  The initiative aims to equip young children to develop the breadth of skills needed to thrive throughout their childhood and in adulthood.


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Rovshan Sadigbayli (M.Ed. 2006)

Rovshan has been working in the Government of Azerbaijan since 2002. After graduation from UMass, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. He worked in various positions within the MFA and in Azerbaijan’s diplomatic posts overseas. He served in the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United States of America and currently serves as Counsellor in the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to the OSCE and other International Organizations in Vienna, Austria.


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Halona Agouda (M.Ed. 2008)

International education is a second career for me. I started out some years ago in a freelance career in video production at CBS News and a host of other independent documentary film companies in New York City. I loved the craft of making documentaries as I saw it as an opportunity to make people aware about issues of social injustice in the U.S. and across the globe. However, I quickly grew weary of compromising quality stories for the commercial market and I was in search of an international adventure.

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Martina Achieng Ochiel

I was born in rural Kenya, along the shores of Lake Victoria. As a child, I walked several miles to attend a dilapidated primary school which boasted nothing in terms of physical facilities [many times we had to endure the hot tropical sun to take classes under trees] but was bursting with hope and pride and joy. Our teachers worked tirelessly to ensure that we scored the best grades in national exams, often competing with students from better equipped and better staffed urban schools.

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Sarah Katherine Wangari Kahando (M.Ed. 2008; Ed.Sp. 2015)

Hamjamboni. Jina langu ni Sarah. I am from Kenya, born and raised in Nairobi, the capital city with customary annual visits to the rural areas to visit my grandparents and to acquire the Kikuyu culture that my mother felt was not in the city. The village life was always an adventure and so different from what I knew. There were fewer classes and books and my cousins had to walk long distances to school and rely on handed down textbooks. I sometimes wonder whether that or often being made to repeat classes was a reason for so many did not finish school.


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Rebecca Paulson Stone (Ed.D. 2012)

In 2020, Rebecca was promoted to Principal Researcher and Literacy Specialist at the American Institutes of Research (AIR). Currently she is the program director for the USAID funded Latin America and Caribbean Capacity Reads Program (LRCP). Rebecca oversees the collection and dissemination of evidence on early grade literacy (EGL) within the LAC region and works with local partners to develop the capacity of stakeholders to apply that evidence to policy and practice.


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