Urakorn (Toon) Fuderich (Ed.D. 2007)

Toon and Rob Fuderich have returned to Amherst, although this time not for the usual two-three week home leaves as has been the case during their three-decade journey, but to stay for a while.   


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Joanie Cohen-Mitchell (M.Ed. 1996; Ed.D. 2005)

Joanie has recently moved from Peace Corps to become a Senior Advisor for Literacy and School Readiness with Creative Associates.  In that role she will be the home office director of READ II, a large, USAID-funded reading program targeting up to 15 million students in Ethiopia. [2/18]


In November 2014 Joanie Cohen-Mitchell was promoted to Chief of Programming & Evaluation at Peace Corps in Washington DC. Joanie has been working at the Peace Corps since May 2012, when she began work as a literacy specialist there.


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Cliff Meyers (Ed.D. 1996)

Cliff Meyers was most recently working as Education Chief and Senior Education Specialist at UNICEF Myanmar, based in Yangon, from 2014-2016. Prior to this, he was at the UNICEF East Asia-Pacific regional office based in Thailand for 11 years. [01/17]


He wrote in 2010:


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Sara DeTurk (M.Ed. 1992)

The paperback edition of Sara DeTurk's recent book on Activism, Alliance Building, and the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center has just been published by Lexington Books.


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Michael K. Tjivikua (M.Ed. 1995, Ed.D. 2003)

In 2004, I joined the Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia’s University of Science and Technology as the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. The center was established to help improve teaching and learning on campus through academic development initiatives. It is focused on providing support to students and faculty.


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