Susie Rauch (Ed.D. 1995)

Susie Rauch founded and served for 17 years as Executive Director of Interconnections 21 (IC21), a non-profit organisation based in Jackson, Wyoming, dedicated to helping US schools and communities “learn about critical world concerns and take action”.


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Mark Meassick (M.Ed. 1989)

Mark Meassick is currently USAID Mission Director in Uganda. He was previously the Uganda Deputy Mission Director for 3 years, and has worked with USAID in Afghanistan (2005), South Sudan (2006), Sudan, and Kenya (2013).


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Oliver P. J. Mhaiki (M.Ed. 1986)

Recently Oliver came out of retirement as he was appointed as Chairman of the Tanzania Teacher Service Commission. The commission is in principle the employer of all teachers in Tanzania a primary and secondary schools and in teacher training colleges. [8-16]


I am now retired after working as a civil servant for almost 40 years. I last served as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and before that for many years in the Ministry of Education. After retiring, I am working with St. Joseph University of Engineering and Technology on special duties.

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Dawn (Gordon) Courage (M.Ed. 1986)

After finishing her Master's degree, Dawn went on to complete her doctorate in Instructional Leadership (Cultural Diversity and Curriculum Reform) at UMass  in 1993.  She then worked in Boston in inner city schools, in Hawaii in educational research and with Hawaiian Education, and as a Race Relations/ Multicultural Consultant with the Vancouver School Board.


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Mark Lynd (M.Ed. 1998; Ed.D. 1994)

Mark Lynd was just elected as Vice-Chair of the Basic Education Coalition (BEC) Executive Board for 2017-2018. The Coalition is comprised of 26 member organizations working to ensure that all children around the world have access to a quality basic education.


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Flavia Ramos (M.Ed. 1989; Ed.D. 1999)

Flavia Ramos is currently Associate Director for the Center for International Studies in Educational Research and Development (CISERD) at Florida State University. Recent projects include a USAID “Reading for Ethiopia’s Achievement Developed Technical Assistance” (READ TA) Project in Ethiopia (2012-2017) and UNICEF “Early Grades Literacy Program for Tuvalu” (2013).


Other recent activities include USAID project evaluations in Paraguay, Liberia, Mozambique and Angola.


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Helen Fox (Ed.D. 1991)

My most recent book is called Their Highest Vocation: Social Justice and the Millennial Generation (2012, Peter Lang).  It's based on extended interviews with students, faculty, staff, program heads, academic advisors, and others at the University of Michigan where I teach. They - and I - comment on the strengths and foibles of "millennial" college students, who are said to the the most progressive generation in history, yet seem reluctant to question or challenge the system or to go very deeply into the complex issues of social justice.

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Marilyn Gillespie (Ed.D. 1991)

Marilyn Gillespie is an educational researcher and specialist in college/career readiness and literacy. Since leaving CIE, her work has focused on research, planning and evaluation of literacy education, English language learning, and workforce education.


Recent projects include the Global Reading Network, a community of practice for improving early grade reading in developing countries; revising the literacy and work readiness components of a 3-year program for Liberian youth; and developing standards for the Oregon Adult Basic Education System.


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