John Comings (Ed.D. 1979)

Before I came to CIE, I worked in Nepal for six years. I started as a Peace Corps Volunteer working in fisheries extension (my BSc in Zoology was preparation to become a marine biologist, and so Peace Corps sent me to a landlocked country), where I became interested in why it was easier to work with farmers who had some education.


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Suzanne Kindervatter (Ed.D. 1979)

Suzanne Kindervatter is currently an independent consultant based in Washington DC. She retired from InterAction in the fall of 2013, after 19 years of service.


During her 10 years as InterAction’s Vice President of Strategic Impact, Suzanne oversaw work on priority international development issues, gender integration and women’s empowerment.


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Harold Weaver (Ed.D. 1985)

Hal Weaver is retired but continues to be active in working toward transnational cultural relations, cross-cultural communication, respect and understanding through film, media, education and the arts.


Recent activities include a lecture on “Decolonization and the Cold War: African Student Elites in the USSR as Transnational Actors” in September 2016 at Harvard University, where he is an Alumnus Fellow of the W.E.B. Du Bois Research Institute (Hutchins Center for African and African American Research).


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Michael L. Basile (M.Ed. 1981; Ed.D. 1989)

Fully retired from Murray State University for a few years now, I’ve turned my attention to local community activities - all volunteer work in this western corner of Kentucky. Volunteering means being on our free clinic board, as well as membership on a new soup kitchen board, plus a few church activities, among them a diocesan curriculum development project focused on Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality: On Care for Our Common Home. The target audience is adult education for parishes.


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John Bing (Ed.D. 1979)

Recently John reflected on his many years of experience:


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Steve McLaughlin (Ed.D. 1979)

Steve McLaughlin continues his current independent consulting for a wide variety of organizations, ranging from UNAIDS to Plan USA. He plies his evaluation and research trade with assignments that have taken him to Nigeria, Russia, Malawi, and Vietnam over the past year. His latest interest is to continue a new relationship with an environmental organization to improve the connection between international environmental protection and humanitarian development.


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