Stephen Anzalone (Ed.D. 1981)

Steve Anzalone retired from regular work in international development in 2017 after 46 years of service. The last half of his career was spent at Education Development Center (EDC) in Washington DC. He was involved in EDC’s work in educational technology and leading EDC activities in Asia.


Starting in 2015, Steve worked with Nancy Devine as Senior Vice President and Co-Director for EDC’s International Development Division (IDD).


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Michael (Kip) Koech (Ed.D. 1982)

I continue to each in the School of Environmental/Studies in the Dept. of Environmental Education at Kenyatta University. I founded the school and the Department many years ago. We continue to grow and continue to contribute to environment and sustainable development in general, doing training and environmental education specifically. I am planning to go on sabbatical sometime in June of 2015.  I may visit the US and would be happy to do a presentation at a Tuesday meeting on an area of the environmebt that would be of interest.(12/14)


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Bella Halsted (Ed.D. 1981)

When Bella Halsted graduated from CIE she decided to become a writer—of fiction and poetry—and to lead creative writing workshops in the Valley for a living—and did so for the following twenty years.  During this time, she also worked as newsletter editor for the American Friends’ Service Committee, the Peace Development Fund, and more recently, the Markham Nathan Fund—all organizations involved in fundraising for grassroots groups in this country.


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Priscilla Angelo (Ed.D. 1977)

I have now entered a life chapter I call reinvention (others call it retirement) and love scheduling my own priorities. When I first  retired, I took classes at the RI School of Design to learn something about  architecture and design. I would like time for a second career in architecture  but decided it was getting too late.  So instead, I learned just enough for  us to design a new home that we had built on Narragansett Bay. And  I loved the opportunity for such a creative process.

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Dale Kinsley (Ed.D. 1977)

In 1971 I left UMass to accept a job at the University of California/Santa Cruz to work with Joe Blackman, a fellow Charter member of CIE, on a Teacher Corps/Peace Corps program.  Later I became a faculty member and Director of Teacher Preparation at UCSC.  Later I decided to take a leave in 1979 to join another CIE'er, Jim Hoxeng, at USAID in Washington, D. C.  I couldn't decide at the time whether I was going to make a difference in schools in the US or through programs in the developing world.

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Dr. Ramoshebi Ishmael Maboee Moletsane (Ed.D. 1977)

Dr. R. I. M Moletsane comesfrom Lesotho where he is now a retired professor of Education. Since retiring he has been active in the area of rural and sustainable development. Prior to coming to CIE, Dr. Moletsane was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Botswana, Lesotho & Swaziland- the predecessor of the National University of Lesotho (NUL).  He later served as Professor of Education at the University of Transkei and at the Qwaqwa Campus of the University of the North.


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Jeanne Moulton (Ed.D. 1977)

Jeanne Moulton is a Principal International Technical Advisor in the International Development Division of the Education Development Center (EDC), working in new business development, writing large proposals, and providing technical assistance to projects.


Jeanne began work at EDC in November 2010. Prior to that she worked at Creative Associates International for five years, and during the 15 years before that, she was an independent consultant, with a large variety of assignments in international education.


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Juan Jose Silva (1975-76)

Juan visited CIE in Fall 2013 and took the opportunity to reflect on his time at CIE and his career as a popular educator in Chile over the years since then.


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Patrada Thisyamondal Yomnak (M.Ed. 1977)

 I am now running an activity center for children as well as a co-ed international British curriculum school, Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School (Bangkok Prep) catering for 3-18 year olds. We are in our 11th year and have an enrolment of 731. We will be expanding to serve 780 students next year. I am here as the License Holder, Manager and Director of the school. [6-14]


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