Hong Sah-myung (M.Ed. 1974)

I retired from Korea Research Foundation (KRF) in 1998. Since then, I have been teaching at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea and now I have one more year to go. I am blessed by God for enabling me to teach at this age.


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Cynthia Shepard Perry (Ed.D. 1972)

Cynthia Perry is now retired, after serving her country with distinction as US Executive Director of the African Development Bank in Cote d’Ivoire and Tunisia from 2001-2007 and as US Ambassador to Sierra Leone from 1986-1989 and to Burundi from 1989-1993.


In a video profile for UMass, she said:


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Priscilla Angelo (Ed.D. 1977)

I have now entered a life chapter I call reinvention (others call it retirement) and love scheduling my own priorities. When I first  retired, I took classes at the RI School of Design to learn something about  architecture and design. I would like time for a second career in architecture  but decided it was getting too late.  So instead, I learned just enough for  us to design a new home that we had built on Narragansett Bay. And  I loved the opportunity for such a creative process.

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Dale Kinsley (Ed.D. 1977)

In 1971 I left UMass to accept a job at the University of California/Santa Cruz to work with Joe Blackman, a fellow Charter member of CIE, on a Teacher Corps/Peace Corps program.  Later I became a faculty member and Director of Teacher Preparation at UCSC.  Later I decided to take a leave in 1979 to join another CIE'er, Jim Hoxeng, at USAID in Washington, D. C.  I couldn't decide at the time whether I was going to make a difference in schools in the US or through programs in the developing world.

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Phil Christensen (Ed.D. 1972)

Recent update from Phil: I retired in January 2017, I'm getting married again on July 16th (it's been almost 8 years since Deb passed), and I'll be moving back to the States (DC area) to be with my wife - leaving Africa after 37 years of international development work on this continent. [6-17]


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Wendy Schaerer (M. Ed. 1972)

As is probably the case with many CIE members, I've had the opportunity  to work with some very talented "undocumented" kids during my career and strongly support The Dream Act.  One of the more interesting things I did over the years was some lobbying on behalf of
international students as part of a professional association representing international schools.   As a former political science student, it was both enjoyable and enlightening.


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Steve Grant (Ed.D. 1972)

In the spring of 2014, Steve Grant's new book Collecting Shakespeare: The Story of Henry and Emily Folger was published. Since then he has embarked on a series of talks on the East Coast about the story of the Folgers. A review, a video of a recent talk, a schedule of upcoming talks and other information is available on Steve's Web site. [11/14]


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Arthur Gillette (Ed.D. 1976)

Arthur passed away in June of 2016.  Click for Arthur's obituary and notes.


After 25 plus years of service to Unesco, Arthur retired from his last position as Director of Youth and Sports Activities in April 1998. He has since enthusiastically pursued a diverse agenda of activities, some of his recent ones are chronicled below.


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Patricio Barriga (M.Ed. 1974)

Patricio Barriga is currently a policy advisor to the Presidency of Ecuador. In January 2017, he was also in Honduras running an ethnographic research workshop for graduate students at the School of Medicine in Tegucigalpa. 


He wrote to CIE in 2016:


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Beverly Lindsay (Ed.D. 1976)

Beverly Lindsay, EdD, MA  has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Indonesia at the University of Lampung (Lamung Province) and the Ministry of Education (Jakarta) during Fall 2013. Her fellowship will focus on university research and policy development in education and social sciences. [9-13]


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